The Sinner season 2, episode 6 recap: ‘Part VI’


The Sinner reflects on the idea of guilt as Vera’s past is revealed and Ambrose confides in Julian about a dark secret from his past.

The Sinner takes a walk down a memory lane in a very revealing and unexpected manner. Not only do we learn more about Vera’s time in Mosswood, but are given a better understanding of one of this season’s lingering secrets regarding Ambrose.

But first things first, is the hooded figure Julian sees real? Based on how this episode ended, it just might be. But WHO is it? And why is it haunting Julian this way? Perhaps someone from Mosswood’s past aka Lionel? Or Vera herself?

This episode unleashed a lot of information on us which comes as no surprise given that this season of The Sinner only has two episodes left. Currently, there are two predictions for the hooded figure that isn’t just haunting (and now kidnapping) Julian but may also be the one behind the murder mystery of it all. It’s either Vera, which seems too predictable and a bit boring, or Lionel which would be under the assumption that Vera didn’t kill him with that poisoned tea we’ve come to know so much about.

THE SINNER — “Part VI” Episode 206 — Pictured: Carrie Coons as Vera Walker — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/USA Network)

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Marin gave birth to Julian in flashbacks during this episode, and we learned that Vera had a much deeper connection to Julian than we thought. Marin isn’t able to breastfeed Julian but for some reason unbeknownst to us and the characters on the show, Vera starts lactating and ends up breastfeeding him instead.

Of course, Lionel is not happy about this attachment and takes the baby away, which leads us to the scene where Vera may or may not have poisoned him. Fast forwarding to the present, authorities found a body at the bottom of the lake which we can all but assume is Marin. It’s quite a tragic ending for a character we don’t know much about but have seen her tormented by lifetime and time again.

Ambrose got a pretty hefty confession from Vera who let him in on everything that happened to Mosswood before and after Julian’s birth. She wanted to make the place better for everyone, and immediately became woke after Julian was born. Lionel was bad news and she did what she could to protect Julian and the other residents. This conversation leads Ambrose to D.A. Hutchinson who may be involved in allowing the shady characters of the town get away with a lot.

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In exchange for not outing him, Ambrose strikes a deal with Hutchinson that takes Julian out of family court and reduces the intensity of his sentence to manslaughter. The most riveting part of the episode was Ambrose confessing to Julian that he started the fire that burned down his house. It seems like Ambrose and Julian are one in the same when it comes to their struggles and demons–but the question still remains, what the hell is going on?

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