Iron Fist season 2, episode 3 recap: ‘This Deadly Secret…’


Rifts are forming in every relationship in this episode of Iron Fist.

“This Deadly Secret…” gives all the characters an opportunity to air their dirty laundry with each other. Of course, it’s not that simple as everyone tries to mask their true goals through lying and deception on Iron Fist. Ultimately, Danny and Colleen manage to throw one of the worst dinner parties in history where the guests leave angrier than when they arrived.

This episode opens with Danny trying to scrub blood out of his clothes after another all-nighter keeping the streets safe. Colleen isn’t about to turn the other way this time, and she finally confronts him about overreaching in the city. She thinks a combination of trying to fill Matt Murdock’s vacant shoes and losing K’un Lun have caused him to overcompensate with the crime-fighting. While Danny tries to deflect, it’s clear that she’s right.

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However, he gets his first opportunity to unwind when Ward begs him for help trying to reconcile with Joy. Danny agrees to host a dinner party to try and help him, as well as attempt to figure out why Joy and Davos are working together. They all think the arrangement is quite weird, but Danny’s true desire is getting his family back together. In Defenders and Iron Fist season one, it’s clear that having a family is his greatest wish in life.

Things are a bit complicated though when Mary shows up at his apartment to slide surveillance images under the door. They’re the ones she found in the previous episode, and this version of Mary genuinely seems scared about what they mean. Colleen correctly points out that she could be faking, but Danny seems to believe she’s genuine. At this point, it’s clear she has multiple personalities so it’s safe to reveal which comic book character she’s playing: Typhoid Mary. However, this version of the character seems much more morally grey compared to the comic book one.

At dinner, the tension in the air is palpable. Both Danny and Colleen don’t seem to buy Joy’s hopelessly in love act with Davos despite how hard the two try to sell it. The former will put up with the subtle comments in hopes of reconciling with two people he genuinely cares about. Yet, Colleen isn’t interested in sitting there and taking Davos’ snide comments so she finally calls him out. She believes if Davos and Danny just sat down and actually talked it out then things could be resolved. Especially because Danny cares so much about him and it’s causing him pain for the two of them to be at odds. Meanwhile, Joy is upfront about her anger towards her former friend. Ward and he hid so much from her, something that she finds unforgivable.

Things go even further south in Iron Fist when Danny reveals Ward was supposed to secretly show up. Joy naturally lashes out seeing this as yet another moment where the two of them conspire behind her back. At least Davos pulling them out of there reveals to the audience that Joy paid the mysterious “Walker” for the photos of Danny.

Why didn’t Ward show up? He’s suffering from a lot of paranoia after discovering someone informed Joy of his participation at NA. While it’s possible she’s having him surveilled too, he believes someone within the group sold him out. Instead of going to dinner he visits his sponsor who encourages him to figure out this problem with Joy before it affects the rest of his relationships.

Meanwhile, Iron Fist disrupts Danny’s night off by having Mrs. Yang in charge of the parley. She requests Danny and Colleen accompany her as protection while her husband is traveling on business. Of course, we know Mr. Yang has already been murdered and it’s clear the Hatchet Triad is trying to save face. At the meeting, they’re quickly betrayed by someone but Danny and Colleen are able to get Mrs. Yang out of there safely. However, this definitely means the war between the different Triads will definitely be happening.

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Finally, “This Deadly Secret…” ends with Joy and Davos confronting Mary, who is actually Walker. It’s one of her vicious personalities and she doesn’t even flinch at a physical threat from Davos. She’s emotionless and in control, something that terrifies Joy right away. While it’s doubtful he’s going to die, the suspense in that scene is intense.

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