Daredevil: Netflix releases a teaser trailer for season 3


The latest teaser trailer for season three of Daredevil promises an even darker tone.

Netflix released a short clip at the end of Iron Fist season two which teased the highly anticipated return of Daredevil. While the video only consists of one scene, it’s easy to wonder what exactly has Matt willing to give up on his normal life.

It’s been widely speculated that season three will follow the popular “Born Again” arc from the comic books. Of course, this would mean that a certain main character could bit the dust this year. Perhaps Matt is so angry in the clip because someone he cared about has passed away.

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Then again, we have no idea what has happened since the events of Defenders. Everyone in New York, including his teammates, believe him to be deceased. The finale for the miniseries teased the eventual return of Daredevil as nuns nursed him back to health. Joanna Whalley, a newcomer to the series, has already joined to play Matt’s mother.

What we do know is that season three is going to be the darkest yet. The short teaser doesn’t offer many details about the supporting cast, but it’s ominous. Matt declares he would “rather die as the devil than live as Matt Murdock”. Certainly, this isn’t the best mindset to be in if you’re a vigilante who protects New York.

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As fun as it is to get some new footage for the upcoming season, fans are already growing tireless. With earlier reports confirming Wilson Bethel will be playing Bullseye, many viewers have been itching to see him in costume.

What did you think of the season three teaser? Have you been enjoying Iron Fist so far? Be sure to comment below with exactly what you hope to see in Daredevil.