Ballers season 4, episode 5 recap: ‘Doink’


Last week on Ballers, Spencer apologized to Lance to try to get him to return to SportsX but when Lance demanded to buy them out, Joe tells him what he can do with his offer.

Spencer pays a visit to DirecTV for a meeting. Meanwhile, Joe is still asleep in the hotel and rejects a call from Jesse. This is because he got completely wasted the night before.

Jayda is still trying to convince Spencer to meet her son Quincy.

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In the meeting, Spencer admits that he isn’t an action sports guy but loves to make money. When they ask how they can help him make more, he asks for a better channel out of the “nosebleeds.”

They tell him that the SportsX TV brand has no fan base and pulled a rating of a 0.001 when they went dark the previous week (remember Lance ordered it to go dark after Spencer fired him from SportsX as revenge). They say Spencer should be more worried about being dropped from DirecTV completely.

Spencer asks them to help him help himself. They mention adding shows that “move the needle” like the NFL. When Spencer said they are spoken for, the suits say they know – they own those rights.

Spencer offers up college football and said he can get those rights. They then drop the bomb that it needs to be a huge market team or conference and if he does, they will get him moved to Prime Time.

As Spencer leaves the room, he texts Jayda that he wants to meet Quincy today.

Joe shows up at work and wants more alcohol – but there is no alcohol, although there are opioids.

Ricky is training still. He talks to a former teammate from Miami who also plans to try out for the Rams. While things are good in the start, the former teammate asks for advice from an “old guy” and that doesn’t make Ricky very happy.

Joe is trying to rally the remaining SportsX employees – with a hangover. The speech is freaking insane. He also said that he is freezing all the expense accounts and might even shorten lunches. When one of the guys said that they should have left, Joe fired him and the guy who told on him. He then tells them they need to get all their clients back to work again and if so they will get something good at Christmas.

Lance wants to talk to Joe.

Spencer shows up to meet Quincy (which, by the way, breaks ethics standards for his management agency since Q is a high school player). Q said that his mom told him that he was coming. Spencer said that he could give him some advice, but Q is not happy since he knows that he likes his mom.

Quincy said he doesn’t want his advice and tells him to be careful with his mom.

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Charles shows up to talk with his boss about going in the same direction. He said that Charles should not be frugal, and he needs to give the owner and coach what they want. Charles said that his contract said that he makes the signings and his boss said that he doesn’t care. Charles is then told to get some better style (maybe a new suit).

Lance takes Joe to look at a bluff with him. Lance said he is sorry for what went down and he upped his offer to 75 cents on the dollar to buy his company back. Joe said that he will think about it.

Lance said this world won’t work out for a guy like Spencer and Joe responds that it might not work out for a guy like him.

Back to Ricky and the young player from the Dolphins. They are competing in a series of athletic competition and the young guy tells Ricky that he needs to consider that he is too old for the game.

Spencer calls Jayda and tells her that things did not go well. He said he thought he had all the answers too when he was that age. Jayda invites Spencer to dinner to force her son to talk to him.

Charles is mad and is talking to Julie on the phone. He said that he was told to keep his coach happy and that winning isn’t enough because he needs to fill the seats. Julie tells him that Charles has to be a showman.

Charles said that isn’t who he is, but Julie said that he wasn’t a front office guy either.

Spencer shows up for dinner with flowers and apple pie.  Quincy said that he isn’t the first and isn’t the last. Quincy tells him that he isn’t the first and he isn’t the last. Q tells him that he has a chip even off the field, and he said that is what happens when someone is in his house who he doesn’t want there.

Quincy asked if Spencer is going to tell him to do things the right way. Spencer said it is too late for that. When Q asks what that means, Spencer points out the $150,000 vehicle he is hiding down the street at his neighbors.

Spencer said that he knows Quincy is “dirty as f**k” and discretion isn’t his thing. When Q asks if he is going to tell his mom, Spencer said that isn’t his style. When Quincy asks what his style is, Spencer tells him it is teaching him how to be discreet.

Spencer said that if Quincy is going to risk his eligibility not to do it for something stupid like a $150,000 Mercedes. Quincy said that Spencer finally has his attention.

Spencer offers him a chance to own part of a regional sports network that has a chance to be worth half a billion dollars. Quincy said that he knew Spencer was a hustler. When Jayda comes in and offers them desert, Quincy said he is not one to pass up a slice of the pie.

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Spencer arrives back at his hotel and Joe is at the bar again. Joe tells Spencer that he met with Lance and tells him the deal that Lance offered them. Joe wants to sell but Spencer tells him that he is being a pu**y.

Joe wants to grind it out. Spencer tells Joe that he has a plan and it is time to double down.

Ballers airs every Sunday night on HBO.