Better Call Saul season 4, episode 6 recap: ‘Pinata’


Better Call Saul takes us back to the young days of Jimmy and Kim while thrusting full speed ahead into Jimmy’s transformation into Saul.

Better Call Saul gave us another exciting look forward and backward all in one episode as has come to be the expected nature of episodes recently. Jimmy is clearly headed down a questionable path and it only seems to be getting shadier with every passing moment. However, he still has moments where he pulls back and redeems himself but as time passes, those moments are becoming few and far between.

This week’s episode began with a flashback to a very young Kim and Jimmy working the mailroom at HHM. Kim is just a third-year law student in awe of Chuck and his recently won case while Jimmy is a lost puppy with no direction whatsoever. Unfortunately, as we move to the present, it seems like not much has changed between the couple.

Jimmy is still lost as can be and Kim is trying to make moves to further her career. This definitely becomes a point of tension in this episode and perhaps is the start of the drift that will take place between Jimmy and Kim as we presume they are not together in the Breaking Bad era.

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Jimmy is continuing to plan for his future as a lawyer and while he doodles logos for his and Kim’s law firm, she is thinking about joining the offices of Schweikart and Cokely to head up their banking division. And while Jimmy has given his blessing, there is palpable tension there that is sure to get worse as time goes on.

Jimmy is operating with full steam ahead when it comes to transforming into Saul as he purchases $5,000 worth of burner phones and decides to flip them for extra cash. It’s almost shocking to hear Jimmy tell the truth to a man inquiring about his dead aunt’s will. While he momentarily hesitates, he eventually comes clean about not practicing law anymore and gives the referral for HHM.

Mike is getting some serious work done for Gus and what will later be known as his underground lab. He has gathered a team of German men that will live and work within the confines of this establishment and has slowly set the stage for his ongoing relationship with Gus.

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Did anyone else catch the foreboding closeup of Hector’s hand after Gus’s monologue to him? It is surely a shoutout to Hector’s future when he uses a bell to bring attention to him when he needs something. Don’t you just love how Better Call Saul is throwing in these little Easter eggs to keep us entertained?

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