Better Call Saul season 4, episode 7 recap: ‘Something Stupid’


Better Call Saul spells trouble in paradise for Jimmy and Kim as their relationship starts to drift apart.

Better Call Saul has had a phenomenal season and each passing episode continues to make connections to the story we know is to come while still keeping it in the present. This week’s episode focused a lot on the distance that is forming between Jimmy and Kim and it’s starting to become clearer as to why she may not have been around in the Breaking Bad era.

The episode began in quite an interesting way with a side by side montage of their daily routines which used to start together but over time are done individually. The comparison in their lives and the stark differences in their careers is a big focus of this comparison given that Kim has just started a new job, and Jimmy has started a new side business.

The Saul Goodman business card makes an appearance which is now the name Jimmy goes by when selling his burner phones. The divide between the two grows when Jimmy goes to a company party with Kim and essentially embarrasses himself in front of her boss.

And while his relationship may be suffering, business is doing great. However, things come to a halt when a police officer shows up asking him to take business elsewhere because it’s enabling the local community of drug dealers and the like to make money to buy more drugs.

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While he initially refuses, Jimmy’s security guy Huell sees him and the cop arguing and ends up hitting the cop on the side of the head. While he didn’t know that it was a cop, it lands Huell in a whole lot of trouble with the authorities because of priors. Huell contemplates running off so Jimmy has no choice but to ask for Kim’s help and come clean about everything.

Kim tries to be ethical and be Huell’s lawyer but is unable to cut a deal with the D.A., and when Jimmy says to let him handle it, it sparks an idea in her head and she calls him to say she has a better way to solve all of this. I don’t know about you all, but it seems to be that whatever she is about to do isn’t the “right” way, and it may be the last thing to go down to tear this couple apart.

In other parts of the episode, Hector continues to get therapy and is showing significant improvement. But after Gus sees a video of a therapy session in which Hector knocks down a glass of water just so he can check out the nurse from behind, Gus quickly realizes he needs to halt this rapid improvement and tells the doctor she no longer has to work with Hector.

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Will Jimmy and Kim become close again because of this Huell situation? And will she find herself wrapped up in the hot mess of Jimmy’s life? I’m just as curious as you are.

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