AMC pulls the plug and cancels Dietland after one season


Looks like Plum’s story will not continue on Dietland after AMC makes the decision to not go forward with another season.

Dietland had an interesting premiere season and focused a lot on female empowerment and the fight to take down the patriarchy and all the haters. However, it failed to appeal to the masses and didn’t quite reach the desirable numbers a series needs to be considered for renewal.

Thus, AMC decided to pull the plug and cancel Dietland making it the end of the road for Plum, her revenge, and fight to take down those that oppress her. The series starred Julianne Margulies and Joy Nash and was created by UnREAL’s Marti Noxon.

Although AMC tried to find options to keep the show going, they ultimately decided not to move forward with it. This may come as a bummer to those that really resonated with Plum’s journey and struggles, and it seems for the time being Plum’s path to independence and freedom is coming to a screeching halt.

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In a statement, AMC stated that Dietland is “bold, original, and brave” and that they’ve enjoyed working with the cast and crew, and although the show had a dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim, they have decided that the series will not get a second season.

The story of Dietland followed the lead character, Plum (Nash) who struggled with body image and weight issues and intertwined a story parallel to hers that covered a range of issues such as rape, misogyny, and the concept of unrealistic beauty. It was quite the groundbreaking series that did not hesitate to cover some tough topics that ail our society today.

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It’s a shame that we won’t get to see more of the story or more issues being tackled that many viewers resonated with. But in a time where shows are being rescued and picked up by other networks, perhaps there may be a future for Dietland somewhere–one can hope, right?

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