Henry Winkler wins his first Emmy after over 40 years in television


After over forty years as an actor in television, Henry Winkler has finally won his first Emmy.

During the 70th Emmy Awards ceremony, Henry Winkler won the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for his role as Gene Cousineau in HBO’s Barry. Winkler plays the acting coach who teaches Bill Hader’s Barry, the hitman-turned-actor. Winkler, best known for his iconic role as Arthur Fonzarelli aka Fonzie or The Fonz in Happy Days, has been working in film and television and on stage for over 40 years. He expressed his joy in a brief speech and celebrated by taking a selfie with longtime friend and colleague Ron Howard.

Winkler has won many awards and honors, but this was his first Emmy win after six previous nominations. Three of those nominations came from his work on Happy Days between 1976-1978. Other nominations were for Who Are the DeBolts [And Where Did They Get 19 Kids?] in 1979, guest-starring roles on Battery Park and The Practice in 2000.

While there is a large gap between the nominations of 1979 and 2000, Henry Winkler has not been idle. He featured in several Happy Days spin-off series as The Fonz, guest-starred in many popular series like MacGyver, The Simpsons, and South Park, as well as recurring roles in subversive sitcoms like Arrested Development, Parks and Recreation, and Children’s Hospital.

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He also frequently appears in Adam Sandler comedies like The Waterboy, Little Nicky, and Click. His role in Barry is just one of many amazing performances Winkler has given over the course of his long career, and that’s only counting his screen career.

While we most often think of Winkler as the coolest of the tough guy greasers with a heart of gold, there is so much more to his talent and career. Winkler is at his best when he delivers a charming mix of infectious optimism, irony, camp, and goofy incompetence. His role as the ineffectual lawyer Barry Zuckerkorn on Arrested Development is a prime example of this strange blend of qualities and is one of his most memorable and iconic performances.

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Zuckerkorn is a terrible lawyer who has somehow convinced everyone through his charm that he’s very good, and despite setbacks and his own legal troubles that come with his sexual deviancy, he keeps a cheerful and upbeat attitude all while delivering tongue-in-cheek pop culture references to his own career.

And while Arrested Development is a very unique creature where over-the-top characters like Barry Zuckerkorn thrive, we see the best attributes of Henry Winker in Barry’s Gene Cousineau – charming, optimistic, campy, and a pitch-perfect ironic delivery where it counts.

Source:  CinemaBlend