Wynonna Earp season 3, episode 10 recap: ‘The Other Woman’


On last week’s Wynonna Earp, Wynonna and Doc spent the episode in a hallucination of Bulshar’s design, which eventually resulted in Wynonna handing Peacemaker over to the demon in an effort to save her friends and family — right before Waverly, Nicole, and Jeremy rescued the pair.

In addition, Waverly still can’t get Bulshar’s ring off her finger, but an encounter with Bobo suggested it may actually be Waverly’s father’s ring, not Bulshar’s.

Wynonna Earp‘s tenth episode, “The Other Woman,” begins in the past — Purgatory 1887 to be exact. A priest is dictating a story to a woman named Maeve. Bobo, who at that point was still known as Robert, bursts in to warn that Wyatt Earp is coming.

The Father muses he had hoped they’d be spared, but Robert counters that Bulshar spares no one.

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Maeve gets up to leave with the Father’s dictation. He instructs her to take the writing home and hide it. The Father tells Robert they must get Peacemaker to the champion, whatever that means.

In the present, Wynonna is watching Bobo, who’s being held in a glass cage in the Black Badge offices.  She’s hoping she’ll learn something from him that’ll help in the fight against Bulshar, but he’s still raving and incoherent after being trapped in Bulshar’s illusions for who knows how long.

Waverly and Jeremy come baring coffee. Wynonna is still feeling defeated after giving Peacemaker up to Bulshar, though. So she takes off, leaving Waverly and Jeremy on Bobo duty. Elsewhere in Purgatory, a woman in a hazmat suit busts out of an old mine.

Meanwhile, Waverly and Jeremy are in research mode but they’re feeling pretty hopeless too. They’ve exhausted all their sources and aren’t sure what they could be missing. Jeremy suggests a recap of the whole situation — hey! — to refresh their memories.

They go over all of Bulshar’s activities and what they know about the Garden of Eden but are interrupted by Bobo, who rants about a book. In a fleeting moment of clarity, he directs Waverly to Doc, who he tells her to ask about a witch. He claims the Father defended this witch when no one else did.

From the evidence they’ve assembled Waverly determines that Bobo may have been talking about someone named Maeve. She asks Nicole, who has just come in, to find Doc and question him about her.

At the Homestead, Wynonna finds Charlie in the barn fixing her lawnmower. Charlie tries flirting with her but Wynonna cuts him off to tell him the apocalypse is going to happen in less than 24 hours.

After Wynonna hugs a surprised Charlie for comfort, Charlie tells her he was concerned she was avoiding him again. Wynonna explains she’s been a bit busy and catches him up on the highlights of what’s been going on with Bulshar, Then they hear someone outside.

Wynonna leaves the barn to find a woman on her porch. Wynonna attacks after the woman observe that Wynonna lacks a gun, but the woman attacks right back. She then introduces herself as Kevin and claims she’s going to help Wynonna save the world.

In the house, Kevin, who’s all business, explains she’s an ambassador tasked with keeping the balance in the world. Usually, ambassadors just watch and record but given the circumstances with Bulshar, Kevin decided to intervene. She says she knows of a weapon that will stop him.

Wynonna is her flippant self and Kevin is having none of it. Apparently, the Menfolk who are Kevin’s bosses don’t think Wynonna can successfully wield the weapon against Bulshar but Kevin was sick of their BS. She cautions the weapon will come at a cost, but Wynonna observes it always does.

Before Wynonna goes with Kevin, she takes a sidebar with Charlie. Charlie cautions that she doesn’t even know who Kevin is, but Wynonna is grasping at any hope she can. She tries to dismiss Charlie, but he’s already done a long list of things to help her and is reluctant to leave her now.

Wynonna points out that it’s not about him,  but Charlie wonders if it’ll ever be about him as far as Wynonna’s concerned. Wynonna accuses him of being needy. Insulted, Charlie points out he’s only trying to help, but Wynonna wants to put a pin in the whole discussion until after she takes care of Bulshar. Charlie stalks away frustrated.

At the same time, Waverly comes home to find Kevin raiding the fridge. Wynonna comes back in and explains Kevin’s presence to Waverly. Waverly is suspicious of Kevin but Wynonna’s willing to take any help offered if it’ll lead her to a weapon to defeat Bulshar.

Kevin explains that the weapon is a magical arm. Okay….

Apparently, Bulshar’s severed arm is still in the mine where he was entombed. Only the champion can retrieve it and then create a weapon out of it to defeat Bulshar. Waverly points out the mine is unstable and could collapse at any moment but Wynonna and Waverly are determined to get the arm anyway.

At the bar, Doc is digging into his limited blood supply when Nicole comes in. Nicole asks if Kate can help him with the blood situation, but Doc says she’s vanished without a trace.

Nicole then asks about Maeve, as instructed by Waverly, and Doc explains she used to keep a journal for the local priest.

Nicole goes to find the book at Maeve’s family homestead. Doc accompanies her but cautions his hunger is rather overwhelming. He tells her to shoot him should he get out of line. Nicole already has a clip of wooden bullets at her disposal, however, so she’s ready for him.

When they reach Maeve’s home, Doc explains that Maeve kept to herself, didn’t speak to men, and some believed she was a witch. Eventually, a mob got her and burned her at the stake a few days before Wyatt killed Bulshar when he was still just Sheriff Clootie.

They enter the house to find Maeve’s descendants have fled. It’s freezing so Doc goes to start a fire in the fireplace. But the fire starts on its own and the voice of Maeve chastises the pair for entering.

Doc attempts to question the ghost about the book, but she’s not feeling very generous. She’s apparently locked in fire without a body so the end of the world doesn’t worry her much.

Nicole attempts to reason with the ghost, but instead of helping Maeve possesses her. Maeve needs a fresh body to possess to become corporeal. Realizing Doc is a vampire, she tells him that if he wants information on the book, he’ll have to kill Nicole.

Maeve can’t stay in Nicole very long with Nicole occupying her body too. Doc resists draining Nicole for Maeve, however. So Maeve tells Doc he has to find another body for her — and he has to kill the person in front of her so there’s no time for organ failure — but Doc refuses.

Meanwhile, Wynonna and Waverly arrive at the mine to retrieve Bulshar’s arm. Inside, something’s screaming. Then there’s an explosion and a revenant with a glowing hand walks out. Waverly observes that it was a uranium mine back in the day, so it’s probably a radioactive revenant. Excellent!

The revenant sees Wynonna and Waverly and starts moving towards them menacingly. Waverly recognizes the revenant from her research. He’s supposed to only have one arm, but the revenant coming at them has two. Waverly realizes that the right arm he’s sporting isn’t his — it’s Bulshar’s. Nice of him to bring it right to them.

Unfortunately,  when Wynonna tries to punch the demon he burns her skin. He is radioactive after all. How do they kill a revenant they can’t touch without Peacemaker?

Wynonna passes out from the pain and leaves Waverly to deal with the approaching revenant on her own.

At the station, Robin brings lunch for him and Jeremy. Doc calls Jeremy for help on the Nicole possession situation. Even though Jeremy hasn’t been talking to Doc after he bit Robin, he can’t help but be drawn into the drama with Nicole and Maeve.

Jeremy goes to help but is quickly possessed by Maeve himself. However, Maeve quickly realizes Jeremy is not purely human so she quickly transfers back to Nicole’s body. Jeremy questions whether Maeve even has the journal so she spits up a page of it to prove she does. Ewww!

Maeve attempts to cajole Doc into giving her Nicole’s body again. She threatens to burn the book if he doesn’t. Doc and Jeremy quickly realize that if Maeve can burn it without a body, it must be in the fireplace.

They recover the book there, and with her leverage gone, Maeve pulls Nicole’s gun on them. Maeve has been in Nicole’s body too long, though, and gets ejected. Back in the fireplace, Maeve lights the place up as Jeremy, Doc and Nicole dive way.

At the mine, Waverly is hauling a semi-conscious Wynonna away from the revenant. She tries to make a call, but there’s no signal.

They make their way to the closest house. It’s Mercedes’ place and when she opens the door, they see her face is now back intact.

As they stack chairs in front of the door to keep the revenant out, Mercedes explains, to Waverly and Wynonna’s surprise, that it was Waverly’s touch that healed her in the previous episode.

Then, the revenant easily breaks past their barriers and enters the house. Wynonna and Waverly attempt to take him on. Waverly tries to use Bulshar’s ring but it doesn’t work. After some trial and error, she realizes that the ring controls the arm.

Waverly uses that power to choke-out the revenant and Wynonna and Waverly remove Bulshar’s arm from his body.

Meanwhile, firefighters arrive at Maeve’s house. Doc, Nicole, and Jeremy are still inside. Charlie, part of the firefighting team, drags a coughing Doc out of the house. Doc seems grateful to fight before he attacks Charlie, draining him.

Nicole gets out of the house and sees Doc with Charlie’s dead body. Nicole is broken by Doc’s actions. She pulls her gun on him as Jeremy walks over. Nicole tells Doc that if she ever sees him again she’ll kill him and Doc walks away. Initially, he seems bereft but then he laughs.

At Mercedes’ house, Kevin arrives to express her surprise at Wynonna and Waverly’s success. Then Kevin reveals that the arm isn’t the weapon. Wynonna and Waverly are outraged. Kevin clarifies. Waverly used her gifts and passed the trial Kevin set for her. Waverly is the champion who will take on Bulshar.

Waverly’s father Julian was one of two angels tasked with protecting the Garden. Wynonna wonders what that makes Bulshar.

Nicole, Jeremy, and Robin discover the answer going over the journal they recovered from Maeve. Before Bulshar was Sheriff Clootie he resided in the Garden — in the form of a snake. That means Bulshar’s the one who tempted Eve with the apple.

Julian and the other angel failed to keep Bulshar contained in the Garden. There is one chance to right that wrong. It has to happen on the eve of the Pledge Moon, which takes place the next day.

At Mercedes’ place, Kevin explains that since Waverly is only half-angel they weren’t sure if she could wield the ring, but she proved herself.

Kevin says that Waverly is the only one who can seal the Garden, but it comes at a price. Waverly will turn to stone. Wynonna finds that unacceptable. And knowing what will happen, Waverly’s confesses she’s not sure she can do it. Kevin lambasts Waverly for not stepping up. She says that not only is she disappointed in Waverly, but her father would be too.

At the station, Nicole stands over Charlie’s body. She’s convinced that Maeve will possess the body but it’s not waking up. Nicole doesn’t understand why Maeve wouldn’t be in there.

Later, at the Homestead, Waverly wonders if she should sacrifice herself to save the world. Wynonna says that Waverly keeps her going, her destiny can’t be so cruel that it’d take Waverly away. As they talk, they notice that it’s still light outside even though it’s nine at night.

As the episode ends, Mercedes is waiting for a date to show up. Someone knocks on her door but when she opens it there’s no one there. As she steps back inside and starts to close the door, a hand reaches in and drags her out.

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The end is near Earpers! Only two more episodes of Wynonna Earp are left this season and it looks like Wynonna and the team are up against it. We’ll see what happens next week when the last two episodes of the season air back to back.

While you’re waiting for the season finale, catch up on the season so far by taking a look at our recaps, starting with episode 1, and streaming the third season’s first 10 episodes on SyFy. And let us know what you thought of this episode of Wynonna Earp in the comments.