Fear The Walking Dead season 4, episode 15 recap: ‘I Lose People…’


The season 4 penultimate episode of Fear The Walking Dead brings the group back together.

Fear The Walking Dead is one episode away from its season 4 finale and it seems like, for now, the group is together again sans Al. The episode isn’t exactly what you would want out of one that takes place right before a finale but it does have its strong points.

Remember when Alicia and Charlie were smiling upon something last week and we were left wondering what it was? Well, this week we learn they found John and Strand across the water and have a run-in with Martha who falls weak due to her bullet wound. Alicia decides to keep her alive because Morgan wanted to save her, and they drive the SWAT van across the water to save John and Strand.

Now that Martha is in their custody, it makes communicating via the walkie-talkie easier and they are able to ask Morgan where he and the group are trapped so they can come to rescue them. Given that the hospital is surrounded by walkers, Morgan decides to stay behind and create a distraction so Wendell, June, Luciana, and Sarah can get out of the hospital safely.

Morgan is now stuck behind with Jim who is just a hop, skip, and jump away from becoming a walker. But have no fear, everyone is in sync and they stumble across a firefighter truck that has a ladder which they can power through the generator.

Aaron Stanford as Jim – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 15 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

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Morgan hesitates to leave Jim behind but given that his days are numbered to the minutes, Morgan makes his way down the ladder and to safety. But in this time period, the walkers have surrounded the fire truck making it impossible to reach the truck that will allow them to get away.

Jim decides to go out with a bang and uses his final moments to create a distraction and throw himself off the roof so as to bring the walkers away from the fire truck. In all of this, Martha finds a way to escape but there isn’t much time to process this so the group heads off together–safe and sound.

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Fear The Walking Dead continues to tease us with the possibility of the group heading towards Virginia and ultimately the group lets Morgan decide. But they won’t go anywhere until they find Also it seems the finale will be centered on that and the group’s supposed migration towards Virginia and the other group.

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