The Walking Dead: Jeffrey Dean Morgan gives thoughts on Negan


Ever since word got around that Andrew Lincoln would be leaving The Walking Dead this season, people have speculated on how the show and the characters will be influenced leading up to a big event and moving forward, including co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan).  

In an interview with alongside Lincoln, Morgan gave some insight on how he believes Negan has been impacted from his defeat and subsequent imprisonment at the end of season eight as well as the effect season 9 of The Walking Dead is having on Morgan himself.  

Morgan explains that spending many months stuck inside a tiny prison cell in almost complete isolation has unsurprisingly been no picnic for Negan.  

"“I think the four walls have closed in on him, so he’s battling trying to keep some sense of sanity. And, it’s not going well. He’s used to performing in front of a lot of people and putting on a show. Unable to do that, kill the party, is very important to his psyche. He’s going through a lot s#@% right now.”"

He added that since so many of Negan’s scenes take place in said tiny cell, it has made the role of Negan more challenging for him saying “Add that to the shootings in that cell that’s really small…it’s been a long year for me!”  

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Morgan also discusses how Negan will feel about Rick’s departure on a personal level.  

"“There is going to be other people that step into kind of the roll of Rick, but they will never be Rick.  There will never be another Rick Grimes to Negan. He loved Rick in a very weird way and very much looked forward to their meetings. Negan’s always, even in the worst of times, trying to figure out a chess move and what is next. And, there is a lot of next this year. But he misses — I don’t know what to say about Rick Grimes. I think that Negan is probably very sad about it.”"

This actually sounds kind of interesting since hearing Morgan describe the relationship between Negan and Rick with a sort of twisted affection brings to mind one of the last scenes in The Dark Knight where the Joker says he won’t ever kill Batman because he’s just too much fun.    

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Season 9 of The Walking Dead will premiere on AMC October 7th.  

What kind of impact do you think Rick’s exit will have on Negan?  Give us your thoughts in the comment section.