Fear The Walking Dead season 4 finale recap: ‘…I Lose Myself’


On the season 4 finale of Fear The Walking Dead all roads do not lead to Alexandria.

Fear The Walking Dead aired its season 4 finale and we have to be honest, it was fairly disappointing and anti-climactic. For a show I’ve personally loved from day one, this season finale and season, in general, was a letdown in story, plot, and characters.

The biggest twists and turns came from the characters we lost, and perhaps that is the reason why this show fails to live up to the standards it once did.

It’s also a shame that the character of Alicia has taken a backseat to the season especially after Morgan’s character crossed over into the world of Fear The Walking Dead. She should have been the one leading but unfortunately, her character’s potential was cut short abruptly.

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In the season 4 finale, everyone but Morgan falls ill after being poisoned with antifreeze thanks to Martha the Filthy Woman. Also, can someone explain the true purpose of her character?

I know there’s an underlying deeper meaning to it all but it fails to make sense to me. I honestly would have preferred all that focus be spent on a character like Alicia or Strand, or even Luciana.

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Most of the episode plays out with Morgan looking for Martha and trying to bring her back, while the rest of the group inches closer to their death due to the poisoning. It’s all very slow and mundane and it seems like an utter waste to keep these characters lying around useless.

After learning from Martha that the group has been poisoned with antifreeze, Morgan struggles to communicate it with the rest of the group but finally gets through. Luckily, June knows the antidote–ethanol. Luckily, there is a truck full of it outside, and it would require them to just move the walkers out of the way.

Of course, the darn walkers get in the way and when Al unleashes her wrath on them with the machine guns, she also punctures holes all over the truck and loses the ethanol. So back to the store goes the group only to await their impending death.

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Since Martha was bitten, Morgan finally weasels his way away from her by handcuffing her and letting her turn into a walker.

He could have killed her but he would have reverted back to his old ways and that was the point of all of this–for him to stay the new person he had become.

Morgan shows up at the store in the nick of time with bottles of beer for the group to chug down and save their lives with. Even Charlie gets to be a part of the alcohol action, but hey it’s saving her life.

Basically, the end of the finale arrives at a painstakingly slow pace and Morgan decides they will not be going to Alexandria. Instead, they will stay behind and make a new home, a home that they can use to help others in the world. Ah, so naive yet stupid you are Morgan.

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All in all, the season 4 finale of Fear The Walking Dead was rather disappointing and uneventful, and it’s a stark difference from the strong moments I know this show is capable of.

I’m not sure if it’s the fact that we lost major characters or if the writing just lost its touch but I hope that season 5 will go back to the show we all know and love.

Until next season, Fear The Walking Dead.