The First season 1, episode 7 recap: ‘The Choice’


In the penultimate season 1 episode of The First, the team must make a life-changing decision about partaking in the mission to Mars.

The First gave us a very emotional episode as the team had to decide whether or not they wanted to be a part of the mission. This pending decision came after Vista tried to test the MAV again, but this time, everyone was watching.

While it did work momentarily, communication was not sustained with the MAV. If the team was to decide to go, there would be a 20% chance that they would get stuck on Mars. Because of the dramatic consequences of the situation, a letter was written to Congress to assure them everyone on the crew was on board.

It was left up to the team to decide whether or not they would sign the letter and thus began a very emotional episode of each one of them checking in with their families to make the hardest decision they ever have. Unfortunately, things between Hagerty and Denise are still awkward and she refuses to respond to his multiple emails.

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When Hagerty shows up at Laz’s house to speak with Denise, the conversation does not go as he would have wanted. She basically says that if he goes on the mission, then their bond and relationship is over. Frustrated, upset, and angry, Hagerty hugs her goodbye and signs the letter before handing it over to Laz.

The rest of the team has until noon the following day to make their decision and each member is seen struggling to figure out what is right and wrong. I have to say that I really did like this aspect of The First because you can feel the pain and agony in each character’s face. They want to embark on this opportunity but leaving behind loved ones is the hardest thing they can imagine–especially knowing things could go very wrong.

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Fletcher’s decision was the easiest and he was immediately on board, Kayla had a heartbreaking conversation with her wife as they spoke about their home, and Aiko’s husband made it very difficult for her as he talked about being a single father and stating that they would have to put her mother into a home.

But in the final stages of the mission, something unexpected happens. Matteo finds out there is an infection in his ear and it prevents him from going on the mission after he comes clean about what is going on. This opens up a spot for another member to join, and considering they need a doctor, they decide to bring back Sadie.

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Of course, Ollie was extremely displeased over this sudden decision he and Sadie would have to make but it was a given she would want to go, and she barely hesitated before signing on for a journey of a lifetime.