Single Parents season 1, episode 2 recap: ‘Sleepover Ready’


The single parents try to deal with a big sleepover!

On this week’s episode of Single Parents, everyone tries to cope with the infamous Saturday night sleepover. “Sleepover Ready” does a good job of expanding both the kids’ and adults’ personalities in the second episode. The freshman sitcom is definitely shaping up to be a fun character-based sitcom.

Douglas gets stuck watching the kids over the weekend, which interrupts his nightly routing of drinking two glasses of scotch while sitting in the sauna. Will sees it as an opportunity to get some “guy time” by offering to help out. Sophie is quick to tell her dad that she wants no part in this plan and that Douglas is just using him as a free chaperone.

Meanwhile, Graham is still struggling with separation anxiety from his mother. It’s a nice bit of continuity on Single Parents to have him once again show up with her scarf packed so he can sniff it. On top of that, he also has a turtle nightlight which makes a star pattern, a picture of his mom, her lotion, and her gym shirt. Luckily, he has Sophie by his side who is confident that she can get him through a sleepover without having to go home.

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Which coincidentally works out for Angie, who is out on a date. Turns out she’s been dating a co-worker named Owen, but the two only have ninety minutes to sleep together on the couch and watch an episode of their favorite true-crime docuseries. With a video call from Graham announcing he will be staying the night, she finally has to confront the idea of intimacy with Owen.

Naturally, she runs to Poppy for help. We learn in this episode of Single Parents that she owns a successful Wine Bar and rents our a room to Miggy, who hasn’t paid rent. Poppy heads out to a gas station for a bottle of White Zinfandel so Angie can get drunk and pour her heart out. Despite her terrible wine choice (Poppy’s words), Angie decides to take a chance and climb into Owen’s bed for cuddling.

Miggy, on the other hand, is a complete mess. He doesn’t know how to make puree, but Poppy can appreciate that he’s trying. However, Angie does encourage her to put her foot down. After hearing his list of potential careers (one of them includes “apple-sauce hype man”), she tells him that he has to start paying rent. By the end of “Sleepover Ready”, he’s decided he would like to work for Poppy, which she happily agrees to.

Things don’t start out that well for Will as he tries to befriend Douglas. It’s clear the latter would like to be left alone despite Will’s attempts. He pours only himself a scotch, and forces Will to sit in his jeans in the sauna. Eventually, the two storm off to blow off some steam. Except when Douglas goes to get more alcohol and Will decides to go home, they realize no one is watching the kids. After they hit each other’s cars, they race home even more upset.

Especially when they realize the kids are gone. Turns out Amy and Emma smashed Graham’s nightlight for fun after getting bored digging their way through the wall to the neighbor’s. To make up for it, the girls offer to take Graham to find some stars. They leave a note for the dad telling him they went to the golf course. Turns out, Douglas actually lives on a golf course so he takes off with Will to find them.

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All the parents rush to the golf course to find their kids, where Angie discovers Graham has finally fallen asleep. Unfortunately, the sprinklers go off and everyone must run for the house. But the whole experience does allow Douglas and Will to finally become friends. The final scene is a fun touch with the two sharing a single malt at the school and Douglas tipping the teacher to turn the other way.

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