Big Mouth season 2, episode 4 recap: ‘Steve the Virgin’


On the last episode of Big Mouth, Andrew fell to the will of the Shame Wizard while Nick found himself in the Friend Zone.

Coach Steve is at Jay’s house and is trying to help him fix his sink. Jay’s mom seems to be really smitten with Coach Steve. She even asks him to take off his shirt and then tells Jay to run to the store. She even says that Jay can call her “mom” and he calls it the “best day ever.”

Jay has a really sad life and it is hard to watch.

Jay’s mom tells Coach Steve that she wants him to keep her company while her husband is away. Coach Steve said that Gary used to do that when he was a kid and he would do “push-ups” on his mom and leave yogurt balloons behind.

Jay’s mom asks if Coach Steve could do push-ups on her some time and Rick the Hormone Monster explains what she wants. Coach Steve then said that he is the one going through changes this week and tells the show to start the intro song.

He then appears in and sings along with the intro, making random comments, and then asking if the viewer fast forwarded through the credits (an option on Netflix).

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Nick shows Andrew the text message that he sent the night before saying that he wants to be more than friends or if not maybe he can’t be friends with her. They then see Gina, so she waves and walks on embarrassed.

Jay then depantsed Andrew, which quickly lightens the mood. It turns out that it is National Pantsing Week, as designated by President Trump.

Missy sees Jessi at her locker. Missy warns her about the pantsing week and Jessi said that she will slit anyone’s throat that tries and then asks Missy if she wants to go shopping to spend the money she stole from her mom. Missy said she can’t follow her down that dark path and then depants Jay before he can get them.

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Nick then sees Devin, and after she mocks her ex DeVon and compliments Nick’s shirt, she said that Lola wants him to tell Andrew that she likes him. She then mentions that the four of them could double date.

Rick leaves Nick and then heads to Coach Steve to help him. Rick mentions that it is the first time that anyone has ever wanted him. Coach Steve feels like it might be wrong since she is married but Rick reminds him of the time he ate that squirrel and said that Jay’s mom is the squirrel.

Nick tells Andrew that Lola likes him and that they should double date. Andrew does not seem happy that Nick gets to date Devin but he gets stuck with Lola (who has made many teachers cry). Maurice wants Andrew to say he can do better but then the Shame Wizard shows up and mocks him.

“Beggars can’t be choosers.”

Andrew said ok for a one-time double date.

Jessi is there to figure out what her mom will buy her today but Connie convinces her to shoplift. Connie goes nuts, painting the security cameras and holding a big shotgun.

Coach Steve is talking to Jay. He said to pretend that someone, maybe called Coach Steve, wanted to have sex with someone who they might call Jay’s mom, and he wondered what Jay would think if Coach Steve’s friend Coach Steve did that.

Jay said he wouldn’t mind because his dad messes around all the time since anyone who has been married for more than a year needs to or it’s weird.  However, he feels weird because Coach Steve is his friend. Coach Steve said he won’t do it but then said he would do illegal fireworks with Jay if he allows this, so he said it will be ok.

Jessi is caught shoplifting by the pharmacist. Jessi starts to cry since her mom is cheating on her dad but the pharmacist said that she knew that Jessi’s mom was cheating on her dad and that her dad had given up on sex based on their prescription history. Connie freaks out and runs off. The pharmacist then talks about DeVon’s prescriptions making him seem like an old man, and it is clear that these people know way too much about their customers.

The pharmacist won’t call the police but then calls her dad to come to pick her up because her mom is on too much Klonopin to drive.

Coach Steve is all dressed up and Rick the Hormone Monster is there to help coach him.

"“Your peena is the choo choo train and her sweetie is the tunnel.”"

This then leads to a song number for Coach Steve and Rick the Hormone Monster that is all kinds of wrong.

Nick’s parents are dropping them off at the double date (miniature golf) and want to stick around so they can see their son actually talking to a girl and maybe take some photos. That is when Lola rushes to the window to tell Andrew that he is late.

Lola is demanding garlic fries. Andrew begs Nick not to leave him and he said he won’t but then when Devin asks to get snacks, he leaves him along with Lola, who then pretends to be riding her club calling it Quidditch.

Coach Steve shows up and brings flowers for Jay’s mom and illegal fireworks for Jay. Jay’s mom comes to the door and lets him know what is going to happen. When Rick tries to give advice, Coach Steve isn’t sure about it.

Nick and Devin go for snacks and are told it has been taken care of and Nick’s parents are in disguises watching everything.

Then Gina and DeVon show up. DeVon said that Devin knows that he always comes there and she mocks his rheumatoid arthritis. Gina said that she is sorry she didn’t text him back but he said he moved on and joked that she is DeVon’s caregiver. DeVon is mad everyone is calling him an old man and Devin talks about his blood pressure.

Coach Steve heads into a room with candles (“the only room in the house that doesn’t sound like Whoppers.”) Coach Steve tells her he is a virgin and she thinks he is playing games and is willing to role play with him and “teach him.”

She starts to kiss all over him while he starts to eat a banana. OK. Rick starts to give advice and Coach Steve smartly tells him to shut up and get out.

Back at the drug store, the pharmacist is talking to Jessi’s dad. She offers ADHD medicine. However, as she sits on the curb and feels bad about what she did the Shame Wizard shows up. Unlike Maurice, who was scared to death of him, Connie is like “oh, it’s you.”

The Shame Wizard starts in on Jessi as he did on Andrew. Connie tells the Shame Wizard that she is not shamed, but is instead angry at her mother who caused this to happen. The Shame Wizard leaves but says he will be back but Connie whips out her gun again and said he better not.

Lola is begging Andrew to pants her because she wore a thong. Meanwhile, DeVon is trying to prove that he is not an old man by doing extreme stuff and Devin is pretending she didn’t know he would be there. Devin asks Nick to do something crazy too while The Shame Wizard is there mocking Andrew.

Nick is caught on the zip line while Lola pants DeVon to show Andrew how fun it is. Lola wants the attention and then pants Nick in front of everyone. The kids all see that Nick’s is the size of a baby’s.

Lola is excited because she thinks she is the center of attention now. Nick has no idea what to do as he hangs from the zip line pantsed and Rick — as usual — has very inappropriate advise. The Shame Wizard is very happy about everything while Gina seems to feel terrible for Nick.

Andrew tells Nick to let go but Nick is frozen. Then, Nick’s parents show up to help him which causes all the kids (including DeVon and Devin) to laugh at him. Lola then mocks him and Gina tells them all to shut up. Nick’s dad then drops his pants so his son doesn’t feel alone in his shame.

Back to Coach Steve and Jay’s mom and she continues to show him how to do this and then Steve is Thomas the Train going through the tunnel. Coach Steve then loses his virginity to fireworks firing in the background.

The police then arrest Nick’s dad for supporting his son in his darkest time. “You know that they do to perverts in prison?”

DeVon and Devin seem happy together again and a sad Gina waves bye to Nick as his mom takes him home. When Maurice asks the Shame Wizard why he isn’t messing with Nick, he tells him that Nick’s parents gave him self-esteem and he is more interested in Andrew and Lola.

Lola said that Andrew ruined her first date by not pantsing her. Lola calls him a nobody and the Shame Wizard adds on. Andrew tells her his last name and Lola makes fun of him while Andrew makes fun of himself and then the two starts to make out while Maurice runs around barking.

The Shame Wizard hates this.

Jay’s mom makes dinner for Coach Steve and Jay. When Coach Steve gave up his virginity, he no longer needed Rick the Hormone Monster. Rick goes to Nick and said that Coach Steve had sex and that means that he is retiring.

Rick said that he will be there. If Nick needs him, then call him.

Jessi’s dad is driving her home and is mad at her for shoplifting. She asks why he is mad at her and not her mom and he tells her not to talk about her mother like that. She asks why he is taking up for her mom and he said he still loves her.

He said he is still staying in the basement to stay close to Jessi and her mom. He starts to cry and blames himself and Connie says that “crying daddy is scary.” He said that he regrets taking her mom for granted.

Coach Steve shows up at Jay’s mom’s house but his dad is there early from Kid Rock’s lake house cause Ted Nugent shot a lot of dogs. Coach Steve remembers that when his dad was home, Gary couldn’t come home either but he will always be Jay’s Gary.

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Jay asks what happened to the real Gary and Coach Steve said that he locked the two of them in a car together and then shot his brains out of his head. Jay then said that he can’t believe that Coach Steve got with his mom.