A Million Little Things season 1, episode 3 recap: Save The Date


A Million Little Things celebrates Gary’s birthday in the midst of a shocking revelation that disrupts the group to its core.

A Million Little Things loves to throw in its series name any chance it gets and while it was admirable and even cute at first, I have to say it’s getting a bit old. It certainly doesn’t take away from the show, but I did have a couple eye-rolling moments when it was said during the course of this week’s episode. I get it, a million little things–it makes total sense.

This week the boys embark on a surprise birthday adventured planned by Jon for Gary, who hates his birthday. Everyone is reminded of the big day by a pre-set alarm that Jon had programmed in everyone’s phone, and even though Gary isn’t too keen on celebrating, they all decide to do it for Jon.

But before all this takes place, Maggie and Gary have an awkward morning when she yells at him for snooping around her stuff and asking about it. What are you hiding, Maggie? And despite all this, Rome is still adamant about Maggie being his therapist and eventually convinces her to at least hear him out as a friend. This could go bad really quick.

To kickstart the birthday, Eddie decorates outside of Gary’s apartment and confesses that he has ended the affair he was having. And as Rome shows up to join them, a black limo pulls up with the driver asking who the birthday boy is. Oh, Jon. You thought of everything.

Credit: ABC/Eike Schroter

So what does this day have in store? Well, it seems Jon arranged for all of them to go to the Bruins Fantasy Camp where they get to suit up and play on the ice just like the players. But before they can head off, Eddie makes a pit stop at home to pick up his skates and let Katherine know that she will need to pick up Theo. In a rush, he leaves his phone behind.

Of course, this is the moment his phone would ring with the hotel calling about the necklace he was looking for. Except, it’s Katherine that had to take this message down and when he comes back for his phone, she’s pretty much caught him in his web of lies. Not only does he admit to the affair, but he tells her it was with Delilah, and Gary overhears everything.

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Understandably, Gary is pissed off and shares the news with Rome. They leave Eddie behind and continue the day without him, that is until he shows up at the rink ready to partake in the day’s activities. It’s just a million little things all at once, isn’t it?

It’s clear that both Delilah and Eddie are riddled with guilt thinking Jon may have killed himself over their affair, but Rome makes a point to say that a million little things were probably going and while this may have been one part of it, it wasn’t everything.

The girls get together to help Delilah clean up Jon’s office which is why she doesn’t get Eddie’s voicemail about the guys and Katherine finding out about their affair until later. But by then, Regina has already spoken to Rome who told her everything, and it’s safe to say everyone is heartbroken.

When Delilah gets home, Katherine is there waiting for her and confesses she came to yell at her but Delilah has already paid a very steep price. Ouch. Gary also shows up later to ask Delilah why she did what she did and she proceeds to say that while Jon was everything for everyone else, he wasn’t there for her.

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And as the episode ends, Delilah asks Gary to come in for one last surprise by Jon–a birthday cake. And as Gary blows out the candles wishing for everyone to be happy, we can’t help but wonder, what happens next?

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