American Horror Story: Why Michael Langdon isn’t evil


Cody Fern dishes on why his character on this season of American Horror Story isn’t evil–but do we agree?

American Horror Story has quite the interesting villain this season and of course, he is no stranger to the universe. Michael Langdon, aka the Antichrist, is quite the sinister presence this season but according to the actor who plays him, he may not be as evil as we may think–or so he thinks.

Cody Fern says that there are different categories of evil and certain things fall under each category. And while evil often goes hand in hand with destruction, the character of Langdon seems to be focused on creating. All the characters believe he wants to end the world, however, according to Fern he just wants something new to come in the aftermath.

In this season of American Horror Story, Langdon has made a conscious effort to bring together the most suited for survival. For now, he believes he has convinced Cordelia to believe in him and support him, but last week’s episode presented something entirely different.

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For fans of the show, you’ll notice that Langdon hasn’t actually physically “gotten his hands dirty”. In an interview with Variety, Fern used this to defend Langdon’s not-so-evil persona.

"“The world so far, under God’s image, is clearly not working out. And if this is God’s image — this is how Langdon sees it — then he just pushes that and takes people further down that path. … In episodes two and three in particular, you see that Langdon doesn’t actually do anything with his bare hands. He pushes people’s buttons, he tempts them and seduces them and brings out their greatest fears and desires, and then they go about enacting horrific evil while he watches. He acts as a conduit for other people’s evil, I suppose.”"

Langdon’s character has also “grown up” rather quickly due to him being a supernatural being which also muddles things up on a psychological level. This would certainly confuse the line between moral and immoral Fern says of Langdon.

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As we continue to dive deeper into this season of American Horror Story, Fern says that we will learn more about Michael as he tries to understand who he is and what his purpose is. With Jessica Lange returning as Constance in the next episode, the journey to self-discovery is surely to begin soon for Michael.

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