A Million Little Things season 1, episode 4 recap: Friday Night Dinner


A Million Little Things is all the feels in this week’s episode as the group tries to move past Eddie and Delilah’s affair.

A Million Little Things has its moments where we may question if the show is worth investing our time in, but then there are episodes like this week’s that remind us of its potential and heart. In fact, many have been comparing the series to NBC’s This Is Us and while I wouldn’t agree that they are even on the same wavelength, there was a familiar face from the show on this week’s A Million Little ThingsDr. K anyone?

The group is struggling to stay connected after learning about Eddie and Delilah’s affair, and it has caused the group to drift apart in more ways than one. Flashbacks take us a weekly Friday night tradition the group shared with a pizza night at Jon and Delilah’s house. In the present, Delilah tries to suppress those memories as well as the thought of Jon.

Naturally, she’s riddled with guilt over what she did and is left in the dark about why he killed himself in the first place. Of course, his secretary Ashley may know more than she’s claiming to and I’m curious to see when Jon’s letter will come to the surface.

Delilah was a bit more forthcoming about her and Jon’s marriage in this week’s episode which begins with a conversation with Gary. He’s seemingly friendly with her but still refuses to speak with Eddie over the whole situation. But he and Rome want Delilah and Regina to make up, so together they set up a surprise meetup at the restaurant that does not go as well as they hoped.

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Regina is harboring a lot of anger because she lost her dear friend Jon and she can’t help but blame Delilah for it. When the two meet, harsh words are exchanged which results in Delilah saying she doesn’t want to be a part of the restaurant anymore and that Regina can have it.

Of course, the group may not have seen Jon’s harsh, distant side, but as the audience, we got a glimpse of it during one of the pizza night flashbacks. It was a bit strange to see Jon in a different light than he has been presented thus far, but it was a necessary element to add in so Delilah’s perspective could also be appreciated.

Jon’s abrasive side continued to be revealed during his interactions with Delilah’s father, Lenny. Many times while talking about him, Jon would often pretend that Lenny couldn’t hear what he was saying. Now, Lenny was suffering from the early stages of dementia so he didn’t quite remember what was going on at all times.

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But this situation can be examined from two different ways if one takes a moment to think about it. Was Jon just being a rude jerk to his father-in-law or was he trying to make him engage and utilize his memory?

It could be either or, and it’s certainly something to think about considering we don’t everything about Jon.

Throughout the episode, Sophie urged Delilah to bring back Jon’s weekly tradition of pizza night and while she resisted, eventually Delilah gave in because she realized she was pushing Jon away from her mind. She needed to face it all, no matter how difficult it was to do.

Apart from the Jon angle of the episode, Maggie and Gary had a few bumpy moments. If you recall, they were fighting and it only got worse when they bumped into one another at the support meeting and Maggie learned that Gary had hooked up with other survivors in the past as well.

Gary also received some news regarding Maggie that made him realize what is going on with her–her cancer is back. And while Maggie and he make up, she does not tell him about it herself. In fact, she threw away the folder from the hospital and it seems she does not intend on getting treatment at all.

Rome made a bold decision this week and decided to make a change in his life. He quit his job and is going to put all his efforts into making his movie. It is Maggie who convinces him to be honest with Regina about what he wants, and much to his surprise, she supports him 100%.

By the end of this week’s episode of A Million Little Things, the group somehow comes together to continue the weekly pizza night tradition. Regina speaks to Delilah, Katherine and Eddie show up after having to drop Sophie off and agree to have dinner, and even Eddie and Gary rekindle their bromance.

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Considering they all just found out about the affair mere days ago, it seems a bit rushed that everyone is acting all things are hunky dory. Sure, they may be setting aside their grief and beef with one another just for one night, but it just seems a bit too much, too fast.

Also, does anyone else think Ashley and Jon may have had an affair? It’s starting to seem more and more like it, isn’t it?

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