Single Parents season 1, episode 4 recap: Beyoncé Circa Lemonade


The Single Parents tackle sleep training!

While “Beyoncé Circa Lemonade” doesn’t hit the highs of last week, Single Parents is finding a way to best incorporate each parent. Miggy is at his best when he’s trying his hardest but failing miserably. Poppy being the wise sage of the group is a nice twist and it makes sense that she would be the one to help Will embrace his anger. Angie’s and Douglas’ storyline is a bit weak but does end up having a sweet payoff.

This week kicks off with Will getting into an argument with his ex-wife on the phone. Poppy accurately guesses it’s Mia and asks what happened. Will reveals she’s canceled her visit with Sophie again, and that it’s gotten so bad he won’t even tell his daughter her mother might visit until the day of. Nevertheless, Poppy can sense a problem from a mile away. She shows up at his house later with a bottle of wine hoping to decompress but finds that he’s been stress baking. In fact, Will made exactly forty loaves of banana bread and not one of them have drugs in them.

Luckily, Poppy has the perfect fix. She brings Will to the rec center and introduces him to volleyball. After spiking a ball to release his anger, he reveals that Mia also constantly shows up without warning and changes the holiday schedule on short notice. It gets him fired up enough to join an actual game where he begins going crazy. Poppy tries to reel him in but then finds out that her ex actually bought Rory a phone without asking. Just like that, the two get to unwind in a violent and hilarious game of volleyball which ends with the poor ref going face first into the net.

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Meanwhile, Miggy is having difficulty sleeping thanks to baby Jack. Angie tells him he needs to sleep train his kid, which leads Douglas to scoff at the idea of a woman refusing the cries of a child. Definitely not his strongest moment on Single Parents. Nevertheless, the two make a bet to kick off their storyline. If Angie can sleep train Jack in one day than she can go through Douglas’ sample closet at work, and if she can’t then she’ll have to chaperone the marionette puppet show.

Convinced she can do it, Angie leaves the kids in the care of Miggy while she gets to work. Unfortunately, she can’t handle the sound of baby Jack crying and she caves. Douglas comes over to gloat and ends up getting Jack to sleep while Angie hypes herself up. However, she watches the monitor and realizes Douglas not only picked up Jack but also sang to him. She angrily confronts him since he claimed both Angie and Graham were “softies” which insulted her parenting style. However, he admits that he only made those comments because he’s secretly one too. In one of the funniest gags on Single Parents yet, he reveals he taped bottles to his chest to “breastfeed” the girls.

Miggy gets all the kids this week and it’s an explosion of fun. He thinks he’s mastered babysitting by giving them pizza and a movie (Child’s Play because it sounds cool of course). The kids let him have the win until the twins inform him that they’ve invited the bunny girls over for a party. Graham is horrified because his girlfriend, the head bunny, has been making fun of his emotional side at school. In fact, she’s even begun calling him butterfly baby. He begs Miggy for help getting some swag to impress her, which works perfectly.

However, after an evening of pretending to be someone else, Graham is tired. So when bunny ears make fun of Mr. Roar, his stuffed lion, he finally unleashes his real feeling. Finally, he puts his foot down and kicks her out of his house. It’s a triumphant moment for that “softie” until Miggy realizes that he can’t let three seven-year-olds walk home alone.

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By the end of the episode of Single Parents, the parents have all gotten one step closer to normalcy. Miggy watches the baby cam footage of Angie and Douglas singing, Poppy takes Rory’s phone but doesn’t throw a fit, Will plays with Sophie, and Angie gets a rundown of Graham’s epic night. Everything seems perfect for now, that is until Angie and Douglas suffer through a terrifying marionette puppet show with clown puppets.

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