Daredevil season 3, episode 4 recap: Blindsided


Kingpin and Daredevil are not about to let bygones be bygones in “Blindsided”.

In the fourth episode of Daredevil, we get to peel back another layer of Dex’s personality. So far we know he’s been violent, he’s good at letting people hear what they need to, and he likes to stalk a young woman while making up a fantasy relationship with her. “Blindsided” opens with him taking a bite out of Fisk’s burger and then immediately running upstairs to watch his reaction. He’s easily one of the more complex characters in the MCU and it’ll be interesting to see what makes him tick.

Meanwhile, Foggy is still dealing with the emotional aftermath of getting his best friend back only for him to be cold and distant. He’s rambling to Marci while still in his suit from the night before about how upset he is about the entire situation. She calms him down after he suggests they get another lock for the door in case Kingpin stops by. Instead, she encourages him to run as a write-in candidate for District Attorney with his sole focus being getting Fisk back in jail. He won’t win, but Marci points out it will at least draw attention to the issue. They really give Fisk and Vanessa a run for their money for best couple on Daredevil.

Matt’s not wasting any more time on his old life. He heads back to his apartment to grab a suit and pretends to be Foggy at the prison where Fisk was held. There, he chats with a former client and friend who has protection from the Albanians. Unfortunately, the guy won’t talk and ends up punching Matt to ensure his own safety.

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At the prison nurse’s office, Matt is attacked and injected with something. He’s not sure what, but he also can’t linger on it before the phone starts ringing. It’s none other than Wilson Fisk, watching the entire situation from his penthouse. He compliments Matt’s reflexes after seeing the “blind man”  It seems like that prison visit in season 2 tipped off Fisk about the true identity of Daredevil. However, he leaves Matt with one parting threat: he will kill him for threatening Vanessa’s life.

As Matt struggles to leave, he’s attacked by even more prisoners. Daredevil promised another fight scene like season 1’s hallway sequence and here it is. In an about an eleven-minute one-take scene, we saw Matt desperately try to fight his way out of the prison. Just as it seems like he’s about to collapse, the Albanians drag him into a private room.

They reveal Fisk bribed a “lifer” to shank him and in exchange walks free on the street. The entire thing was set up by Kingpin and got him the house arrest he was looking for. In exchange for a promise to drag Fisk back to prison, the leader, Vic, tells Matt the inmate’s name is Jasper Evans. If he finds Evans then the FBI will be forced to send Kingpin back to jail. Vic also has a member of his group dress up as a guard so he can drag Matt to safety.

Marci tells Foggy to target the cops and detectives who are the most disgruntled over Fisk’s cozy new digs. At a union meeting, he gives a passionate speech hoping to get some support for his write-in campaign. It ends up working, with almost all of the cops in the room lining up to sign the petition. While Marci thinks being a public face opposing Fisk will help protect Foggy, we’re not so sure that’s how things will shake out in the long run.

Ray Nadeem is also coping with being on the news constantly. Daredevil has him question what to tell his family while he’s working a dangerous job. He thinks sitting his son down for an honest chat will help him sleep easier at night. However, his boss suggests lying and treating him as a CI. She once had a similar chat with her daughter about what honestly happens at work but it only made the situation worse.

Dex is having problems within the FBI as well. Nadeem lets him know there’s an investigation going into the ambush because Dex’s report doesn’t line up with forensics. Luckily, Fisk willingly lies for Dex by claiming he shot the Albanian men in self-defense. Dex is furious, thinking that Fisk is playing some game and hoping the agent will be indebted to him. However, Kingpin claims that he respects the “real heroes” who are dismissed by the public. While Dex turns away without saying anything, it’s clear that Fisk’s words are having an effect on him.

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Karen is also losing her cool throughout “Blindsided”. Foggy stops by her office to tell her about Matt’s return and she’s understandably devastated. It means that the man she’s been grieving the past few months has chosen to let her suffer and refuses to even be the one to tell her himself. Naturally, she’s fed up with him and we see her pull a gun on some young punks harassing women. At least she’s sent on the trail of Felix Manning, the person in charge of protecting Vanessa.

Unfortunately for Matt, he doesn’t end this episode in the best place. He wakes up in a speeding cab but the driver jumps out before offering up any answers. The car goes straight into the water, and once again we’re left wondering if he’s bitten off more than he can chew this time around.

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