Daredevil season 3, episode 6 recap: The Devil You Know


It’s Daredevil versus Daredevil in the sixth episode of the season.

“The Devil You Know” serves as a reminder that our favorite heroes can fail and there will be consequences when they do. However, watching Dex’s descent into darkness throughout the first half of Daredevil has been one of the highlights of the season. It makes it that much more exciting when he finally embraces the path of villainy, while Matt begins to make amends with his loved ones.

Picking up where the sixth episode left off, Karen and Foggy are getting her story straight. He wants to know where the gun is, if she touched the body, and any other details that could get her in trouble. However, she’s more interested in getting drunk and wallowing. Karen wants to hear Foggy tell her she’s a bad person and yell at her for making such a monumental mistake. However, he’s not going to lie just to make her feel worse. He’s more upset that something so horrible happened to her and she didn’t feel like she could come to him for help.

Karen wakes up to a wicked hangover and dried tears as well as a rustling sound in her living room. Turns out it’s only Matt, the one person she’s not interested in seeing at the moment. She’s tired of missing him and doesn’t feel like there’s any point of fighting with him over his absence. It’s sad to see her give up, especially remembering when Frank Castle once pointed out how you only fight with the people you love. She angrily refuses to help Matt, even when it’s to bring Fisk down via Jasper Evans.

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Even though she says no, Karen has never turned down a juicy story like that on Daredevil. She begins investigating on her own before eventually looping Foggy in. He encourages her to trade helping Matt for him surrendering to the FBI. While she eventually agrees, Karen proclaims she’s not ready to forgive him. Foggy, on the other hand, admits that Matt has been a terrible friend but that he refuses to give up on him. Everybody has walked out of Matt’s life and he won’t be another person who does so. When he puts it like that, even Karen looks like she’s about to cave.

Dex is also losing all of his friends left and right. It’s a cool dualism on Daredevil to see Matt beginning to make amends with his loved ones while Dex is losing them. However, everything is falling into line for Kingpin, who has Dex eating out of the palm of his hand. He tells him that Julie was not the right fit, but he shouldn’t hide who he really is.

While it seems like he might be holding onto to his life, only barely, until the press attacks him. Due to his photo on the front page, the FBI opens up a formal investigation into the caravan attack. They take his badge and gun, before sending him home. Dex begs Ray for some help to get back his job, but Nadeem doesn’t seem to care that much. In fact, his lines sound very similar to Dex’s baseball coach who he murdered. Heading home, as he’s on the brink of committing suicide, Kingpin calls with a job offer.

In the meantime, Karen tries to track down Matt to offer her demands. However, he’s not at the Church when she arrives but Sister Maggie takes the time to speak with her. While it seems like she was on the fence about forgiving Matt, Maggie seems to convince her. They’re the only two women left in Matt’s life but Karen is the only one who didn’t abandon him. She encourages her not to give up quite yet before sending her on her way.

Karen quickly gets hot on the trail of Jasper Evans throughout the second half of “The Devil You Know”. She tracks him down to a crack den, but before he can hurt her Matt comes sailing in. Turns out he’d been waiting there for her this entire time. Together they forcibly convince Jasper to go on record about being hired to shank Fisk in exchange for his freedom.

Matt heads back to the Church where he has a fun interaction with Sister Maggie. She’s happy to see him in normal clothes and even cracking jokes. Unfortunately, it won’t last long since he’s heading over to the FBI. However, Maggie is happy to see Matt making sacrifices for his friends since he originally was trying to erase Matt Murdock entirely.

The FBI is actually worried when Foggy reveals their key witness is Jasper Evans. It would mean Fisk has been playing them the entire time and they’ll look like fools. Nadeem draws his own conclusion and it doesn’t seem to matter what evidence Matt has to prove his own innocence.

At the Bulletin, Karen and her editor are getting Jasper’s testimony. However, Daredevil drops in to murder almost everyone in the office. Except it’s not the Daredevil we know, but Dex wearing the costume. Foggy runs in to get Karen while Matt changes into his costume. Right before a baton can kill Foggy, Matt intercepts it. Yes, it’s a Daredevil versus Daredevil fight scene that’s one for the history books.

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While Foggy hides in a room with Karen and crew, Matt faces off against Dex. While he has the upper hand in close combat fighting, he’s no match at a distance. That’s because Dex utilizes his perfect accuracy by hitting Matt with pencils, scissors, and even a baseball. Unfortunately, Dex gets defeats Matt and goes to finish the job. He slams Foggy into a wall after he bravely steps up to defend his friends. Ellison gets a club into the chest, and Jasper gets shot in the head. Dex leaves but not before telling Karen it’s nice to see her again.

Ray Nadeem shows up at the scene to find all the carnage. He angrily informs the other agents that Daredevil is to blame for all of the death. Looks like Kingpin finally got the new villain for New York City.

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