Daredevil season 3, episode 8 recap: Upstairs/Downstairs


The walls are closing in on Dex in the eighth episode of Daredevil.

Near the end of “Upstairs/Downstairs” Daredevil comments on the similarities between Dex and Matt. Both boys grew up without parents which left them with a lot of anger and a will to fight. However, Matt was surrounded by friends who kept him walking on the path of light while Dex was left alone. Empathetic antagonists are the best bad guys, and it’s interesting to see the show reflect on how easy it is for characters to become heroes or villains.

Kicking off the eighth episode is Dex attempting to get his life back on track. After listening to Dr. Mercer’s tapes again about a rigid schedule, he begins cleaning up his apartment following his meltdown. The next day, he finds Julie and begs her for a chance to talk. She ultimately agrees and even offers to help guide him. Things are beginning to look up for Dex, who seems like he might have the “North Star” to keep him on the straight and narrow.

Unfortunately, a good-hearted Dex is of no use to Fisk. He quickly has Julie murdered and proceeds to have her text Dex she would never like to see him again before blocking his number. It comes at the absolute worst time too, just as the attorney Nadeem hired to try and get Dex back on the job reveals it could take six months. He needs his work schedule now, and the news is only speeding up his mental decline.

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However, Nadeem didn’t hire the attorney out of the goodness of his heart. He needed an excuse to keep Dex out of his apartment while he and Matt snoop around. While the two don’t find the suit, Matt can smell the Daredevil costume lingering within a safe in the closet. It must’ve been moved recently, which Nadeem says isn’t enough evidence. Yet, the two are visibly disturbed by Dr. Mercer’s recordings where Dex talks about murdering his neighbor’s pets. Matt thinks this is enough to act but ultimately honors his promise not to touch Dex and helps Nadeem escape.

Sadly, Dex isn’t that thankful about not being ambushed. He’s able to hear the two arguing on his way to the door but grabs his gun and starts shooting. Nadeem is hit, but Matt is able to distract Dex long enough for the agent to escape. It’s one of the more tension-filled moments of the episode because Nadeem could’ve died now that he serves no purpose to Fisk.

Speaking of Fisk, “Upstairs/Downstairs” gives us a confrontation none of us knew we needed. Karen finally heads to Fisk’s penthouse and the two face-off as equals trying to get under the other’s skin. She pretends to be writing a damning piece about the murder of his father to see if it’ll catch him off guard. While he can barely contain his fury, Fisk has an ulterior motive for allowing her into his home. He would like to question her about Matt Murdock, specifically his secret life. Her silence is enough to confirm his suspicions about who the real Daredevil is.

Karen isn’t ready to surrender though, and she takes great pleasure in torturing Fisk over the disappearance of James Wesley. When she admits that she was the one to kill him, it’s enough to throw Fisk into a rage. While Foggy gets the FBI in there just in time before anything serious happens, Karen has definitely painted a bullseye on her back.

Speaking of Foggy, he’s finally pieced together at least part of Kingpin’s plan. Fisk is handing the FBI criminals who are tied to corruption so he can swoop in and steal their contacts. While everything he has is circumstantial, he still tries to disrupt the DA’s bid for reelection at a public event. He almost has him on the ropes, until Foggy realizes that Karen has stood him up to confront Fisk. Hopefully, his message is able to shine a light on the issue rather than everyone paying attention to his quick exit.

Daredevil also confirms Sister Maggie’s real identity by the end of “Upstairs/Downstairs”. In the comics, she’s always been portrayed as Matt’s mother. In the closing minutes of the episode, she goes upstairs to pray but it’s not to God but rather Jack Murdock. She asks him to watch over their son, and Matt overhearing this falls to his knees. Looks like he did grow up with one parent, he just wasn’t aware of it.

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While this episode wasn’t as action heavy as some of the others, it’s definitely a defining moment for Karen Page. We finally get to see her stand up to the man who’s haunted her life throughout the entire series. The Born Again arc, which this season is heavily based on, also gets a neat incorporation here. In the comics, Karen sells out Matt’s identity to Kingpin for some cash. However, this version of the character would never do such a thing. Here, her silence is enough of a confirmation even though she never intended it to be.

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