Making A Murderer part 2, episode 9 recap: Friday Nite


Kathleen Zellner takes a trip down Avery Lane as she dissects the timeline, forgotten witness, and finds two new suspects to investigate on Making A Murderer.

Making A Murderer is going deep down its own rabbit hole in the second installment of the docuseries. This episode is an intricate breakdown of the timeline and the events that she believes transpired on the day Teresa Halbach came on the Avery property.

It’s quite an in-depth look into the case, and a riveting way to step up the mystery in the penultimate episode of part 2. Given that there is so much to process, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty details that Zellner presented us with.

The episode presents a witness named Kevin Rahmlow that saw Teresa’s RAV4 and upon noticing a missing person poster with a car matching the description of the one he saw, he reported it to a Manitowoc police officer. Of course, the docuseries reveals that this report never saw the light of day.

But it revealed something even more mysterious. The witness reached out to Brendan’s stepfather, Scott Tadych, with this information, but never really got a response from him either. Suddenly it becomes clear that Zellner’s suspicions are directed towards Scott and Bobby Dassey working together.

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And given how she puts it all together, it sort of makes sense. Based on Kevin’s testimony, it implies that Teresa’s ex is the one that committed the crime, and Bobby and Scott helped him cover it up.

Brendan’s case heads to the Seventh Circuit once more but this time en banc, meaning in front of the entire judge of panels.

Based on the audio, the support is split down the middle and it’s tough to say at that moment whether or not the original decision to overturn the conviction will stand.

Brendan’s post-conviction lawyer, Nirider, is once put through the wringer and even accused of trying to create a new law to fit her argument for Brendan. The end of the hearing leaves you with an uneasy feeling that things aren’t going to go well for Brendan.

Meanwhile, Zellner is busy putting together a means to recreate the events of the day that Teresa went to see Steven and take photos of the car. Everything down to the type of car and every minute detail is put into place to make it as close as possible to the actual events.

A woman playing Teresa arrives on the Avery property at the approximate time Teresa would have, and a very brief exchange takes place between her and the man playing Steven after she takes pictures of the car, collects money, and hands “Steven” the Auto Trader pamphlet.

Zellner believes that the moment Teresa started to leave the property, Bobby Dassey followed her out because, in his original testimony, Steven claimed that after he returned to his trailer and came back out, Bobby’s car was no longer there as it had been moments before.

As the simulation continues according to the timeline that Zellner and her team based off the cell tower records, “Teresa” takes the left turn out from Q road while “Bobby” follows behind. Another point Zellner hoped to prove is that “Bobby” could catch up to “Teresa” before passing Kuss Road, and lo and behold he does.

Signaling her to stop, “Teresa” pulls into Kuss Road as “Bobby” theoretically asks for her to do a hustle shot (an unplanned appointment). This is all part of Zellner’s assumptions that tie back to the disturbing pornographic images found on Bobby’s computer that have convinced her he is a sadistic murderer. But this reenactment would line up all her theories perfectly in a fairly coherent manner.

So going back to the headlights, Steven claimed to have seen headlights near the area where the witness saw the RAV4 originally parked, which was circa Nov. 4th. Looking further into Ryan Hillegas’ phone records, it is noted that he had received a number of dropped calls from a private number (which happened to Zellner and her team when they went to the quarry).

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This private number is suspected to be law enforcement according to the cell phone company, and ties into Zellner’s assumption that Hillegas worked with officials to move Teresa’s car into Avery’s yard. She also believes this is the only way that Hillegas would later end up with Teresa’s planner.

There isn’t any other way, according to her, that Hillegas would have the planner otherwise because Teresa would simply not have enough time to return home and leave her planner there based on the other calls she had to attend to.

Making A Murderer just got super complicated with all these new details, and I have to say it’s all getting really intriguing.