Shameless season 9, episode 7 recap: Down Like the Titanic


There is a disturbance looming in our regularly scheduled Gallagher programming but Shameless will be back in January. Until then, sound the Shameless alarms, like a sweet annoying Ian reminder from prison.

Frank and Ingrid Jones have found each other wavelengths, medical prescription variance aside. They are polar opposites professionally but have found they are each other’s indica to the others sativa. Which is good, because Frank is once again without a room at the Gallagher Inn on Shameless.

Frank has moved through woman above his class like a smoothly shaven dolphin or mouse, metaphors be darned. Frank can mix his well, just as he can mix company. Whether with the therapist or the people seeking therapy, Frank always finds a tone and narrative that is soothing to others.

One has to be crazy to know crazy, and Frank has a Ph.D. in multiple fields of study. Frank’s interruption and incursion into Jones’ life, both in his professional chair and semi-private duplex, was harmless in the end. Psychoanalysis is all just seeing through the bull at the end of the day. And pills are no bull, just as Frank is direct and to the point.

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And Frank gets to the point. Frank gets the panties down. Frank gets folks out of bed. Frank will demolish your phone, your new iPhone, and have you thanking him for not dealing with an ex-boyfriend calling the rest of the day. Get a new phone and a new flattering haircut. And for god’s sake, get over yourself. What is with these people not getting out of bed?

Lip just wishes he could get a bed. How can a man throw a proper rotation into a woman while trying to do yoga in a smart car? Lip has found another extreme outlet, this time in the personality of his wedding wank of a hookup. Though she repeatedly calls him ‘Stabby,’ Lip appears to again show his kind side to a somewhat tormented woman.  At the end of the episode, Lip is off with a skip and a jig. It’s his only way to the Southside, as he still didn’t achieve a 10 on the scale.

Of course, Lip is skipping and jigging back the family home where it has been keeping up with the kitchen work and the kids’ summer schedule.  Though he hasn’t admitted it yet, Lip has stopped giving Fiona the benefit of the doubt. Ian’s prison send-off was a big deal, and Fiona ghosted the event for whatever reason.  Fiona doesn’t even deserve a vote in household matters anymore, according to Lip.

But Debbie is still maternal and grateful for Fiona’s attention in her formative years. Going to check on Fiona, Debbie finds a broken, wrecked, and bleeding Fiona who has yet to have her injuries checked by a hospital. It does not take a doctor to diagnose the problem; Fiona is falling apart.

Fiona knows she has wrecked everything. She should have seen the signs on Ford and should’ve known not to jump into deep real estate waters with all of her life’s work at risk. She has put her relationship with Ian at risk, all for a future may be of a building. Which she is now losing the pride of her first building because she has to sell her first property to save her self from future homelessness.

Fiona is fading, and loopy from the pills. The pills are real, and directness is needed. Fiona may need Frank to give her a blunt assessment. Carl is getting his evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, which apparently show he is only capable of adaption in ever-changing environments that aren’t inductive to West Point academic standards.

Lots of Gallaghers are trying to meet the standards they now see as the minimum for a somewhat content and less chaotic life. Liam knows he can go only as far as his mind takes him, same as everyone. Lip knows that dreaming too big and not being equipped leads to a wreck. Fiona is learning. Frank loves the wreckage.

Debbie will still wreck a man’s life if they mess with her sister. Ford learned this the hard way, but it was a joy watching Fiona find her trigger finger. She is going to need it to keep herself in the real estate game and protect her $100,000 initial investment. Interest is mounting in how she pulls this off, as well as the $25,000 loan Max gave her when buying Fiona’s building.

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Kevin was trying to build interest in Veronica having another child. Kevin promised to do everything, just as long as Veronica would agree to nine months of inconvenience. Veronica gave a dismissive kiss and a “down the line” and capital letters “NO” but eventually came around to adoption.

Shameless will leave the fans for a few months but come back in January with a hot set of seven episodes that will overflow with anticipation for Fiona’s looming exit.