Star Wars Resistance season 1, episode 4 recap: Fuel for the Fire


In the third episode of Star Wars Resistance, Kazuda Xiono foiled a pirate attack on the Colossus, but was still no closer to being a better mechanic. Has he learned anything since then?

Star Wars Resistance episode four starts with Kazuda Xiono (Christopher Sean) ready to show off his mechanical skills by fixing up an engine. But of course, he has no such skills, and the engine blows up in front of his boss, Jarek Yeager (Scott Lawrence), and his colleagues, Tam Ryvora (Suzie McGrath) and Neeku Vozo (Josh Brener).

Kaz had hoped to have the engine ready before the start of the race, but he’s made to sit this one out so as to get the engine in order. Of course, Kaz being the gift to the Star Wars universe that he is, drags the entire engine outside the hanger so he has a view of the race while he works. And… the engine falls right out of the cargo bay and into the ocean below.

The engine is retrieved but Yeager is frustrated. As much as Kaz reiterates that his mission aboard the Colossus is as a spy, Yeager reminds him that he has to be a mechanic first because that is his cover story. ‘Sorry, me wanting to help the galaxy is inconveniencing you,’ Kaz retorts.

As Kaz takes time off at Aunty Z’s (which we were introduced to in the pilot episode of Star Wars Resistance), he is approached by a stranger. Jace Rucklin (Elijah Wood) introduces himself as a fellow racer, plying Kaz with compliments on his racing skills. You can just tell there’s something shady about Jace and his crew, especially once they start asking Kaz about Yeager’s ‘real racer’, and how they’d love to get a look at it.

Kaz is too innocent to read between the lines and he’s easily drawn in by their friendly ways. Jace challenges Kaz to a speeder bike race and though Kaz is smart and seems to be winning, one of his engines blows and he needs Jace to rescue him. It’s evident Kaz’s bike has been sabotaged.

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Jace, however, pretends to show concern for Kaz, saying that he saved him because he is Kaz’s friend. Just then, Yeager spots Kaz with Jace’s team. ‘Since when do I give two-hour breaks?’

Back at the hanger, Yeager turns on Kaz. ‘I told Poe I would let you in, don’t make me regret that decision.’ Neeku then explains to Kaz that Jace’s team are always having fun and they never work. This is meant to deter Kaz from working with them, but it does the exact opposite.

While hanging out with Jace and showing off some false bravado, Jace plugs Kaz for more information about Yeager’s racer. Is the racer Jace’s endgame in Star Wars Resistance? He and his crew also explain to Kaz how they make their racer super-fast – they take out all non-essential items, making the ship very light. However, there is an item that would boost their efficiency, if only they knew where to get it – Corellian hyper fuel.

Jace suggests to Kaz that they sneak into Yeager’s private hanger to take a peek at his famed racer. Despite BB-8’s advice, Kaz sneaks Jace in. Turns out Yeager has won many racing awards over the years and proudly displays the trophies on his wall. There is a photo frame which shows Yeager was part of the Rebellion and at the Battle of Jakku. Plus, he had a family. Just as Kaz is feeling guilty about this intrusion of privacy, Yeager comes in with Bucket.

He doesn’t see Kaz or Jace, so Jace instigates Kaz into opening the hanger doors. When Kaz turns his back to him, Jace takes the opportunity to steal an item off Yeager’s shelf. This is precisely what his team were looking for to speed up their racer.

Yeager’s cantankerous droid, Bucket, spots the missing hyper fuel and has a complete panic attack. When it relays the message to Tam and Neeku, they freak out as well. The ‘Hot Sauce’, as they describe the hyper fuel, is an extremely volatile substance that should be used in moderation. If used incorrectly, it will turn any vehicle into a bomb.

This, of course, means that Jace pours too much hyper fuel into his ship. Kaz races to save Jace’s life, but the team have already left his hanger. Kaz then takes the shortcut Jace had shown him earlier in this Star Wars Resistance episode to quite literally land on his plane.

Since nothing normal ever happens to Kaz, the ship plummets just as he’s got ahold of Jace. Kaz takes this opportunity to eject Jace’s seat, which saves both of them from being blown up. Unfortunately, Jace and his team, in all their wisdom, decided to take out the parachute to lighten the weight of the ship, so it’s up to BB-8 and Yeager to save the two of them.

Despite saving his life, Jace now hates Kaz for letting his life’s savings go up in flames – quite literally. Yeager looks deeply disappointed but also concerned. ‘The last thing we need right now is to attract attention,’ he says. Kaz thinks Yeager will fire him, but Yeager doesn’t. Instead, he encourages Kaz to not only be the good person he is, but also a good mechanic.

Yeager then asks Kaz to clean up an engine which is outside the hanger bay. Tam and Neeku, ready to watch yet another race, tell Kaz that Yeager has set up the cleaning job outside probably because he likes Kaz. Just as Kaz is enjoying watching the race, yet again the engine starts floating right out of the cargo bay and Kaz has to chase after it. That man is incorrigible.

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Surprisingly, this episode of Star Wars Resistance does not include any scenes of the First Order, but I’m sure we will come back to that plotline in upcoming episodes.

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