A Million Little Things season 1, episode 5 recap: The Game of Your Life


A surprise pregnancy, a game to decide Maggie’s fate, and a broken home make up this week’s heartbreaking episode of A Million Little Things.

A Million Little Things went all in this week with the tearjerkers as each story either made you smile with tears or made you ugly cry because the outcome was too much to bear. Although, it is still extremely odd how everyone has bounced back so quickly from the Eddie and Delilah affair reveal. Everyone except Katherine who seems to grasp it was a much bigger deal than just something you forget the next day.

But the affair is just one teensy part of this week’s episode as a lot, and we mean a lot went down, so let’s get right into it! As you know, Rome has been actively seeing a therapist, who isn’t Maggie anymore and this week he was prompted by his therapist to talk to his parents about whether or not they’ve been depressed.

The reason for this is simply because Rome feels guilty for how he feels and he feels like this may be a sign of weakness on his part. But of course, it’s not as simple as that and there could be a genetic component which Rome inquires about when he sees his parents. And although his father isn’t forthcoming about the type of struggles he’s had, Rome’s mother assures him that his father has had his dark days.

Eddie and Katherine have a complicated situation in this week’s episode as it goes from seemingly good to really bad. With Theo in the school play, Katherine does what she can to be there for it after learning she had the days wrong because she’s not the primary parent that they email.

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She’s already reeling from Eddie’s affair, and with constantly being at work, she rarely gets time with Theo.

Luckily, she finishes up her day in court early, and with the help of Eddie stalling the play by distracting the mothers, she makes it just in time to console Theo who is nervous about his role.

Back at home, it seems like the couple might make it through this rough patch, but Katherine is not disillusioned by the momentary happiness they felt earlier.

In fact, she shares that it angered her because things are quite the opposite and she decides she can’t be with Eddie anymore. Eddie heads off to see the boys and Gary offers him a place to stay while figures things out.

Speaking of Gary, he plans a romantic outing with Maggie in the hopes that she will open up about her cancer coming back. She quickly catches on that Gary knows something, but she startles him when she says she isn’t going to get treatment. He is not on board with her decision and decides to challenge her to a basketball game.

If he wins, she has to get chemo, and if she wins, she will not get treatment. When she ends up winning, it’s all too much for Gary to bear and he asks her not to ask this of him. He can’t watch her die and cue the ugly crying.

Of course, he comes around by the next day and leaves her a note saying he’s in, which can only mean things are about to get even more heartbreaking from here on out. Who knows, maybe she’ll change her mind!

In this episode of A Million Little Things, Delilah has to deal with a situation with Sophie who punches another girl after she comments that Jon went to hell for committing suicide. Suspended from school, Delilah and Sophie spend the day together talking and singing and thinking about Jon. It’s a beautiful mother/daughter moment we have been waiting to see since the series started, and it was well worth the wait.

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Of course, the biggest twist of the episode came when Gary discovered a pregnancy test in the garbage of Rome’s bathroom. All three men assume it’s a test Regina took, and upon picking up the pee stick, they learn it’s positive!

But hold on because when Rome confronts her about it later, she reveals it’s not her test–it’s Delilah’s. Is it Eddie’s baby? Is it Jon’s baby? Ahhh, we will have to wait to find out, but we’re totally freaking out.

A Million Little Things airs every Wednesday on ABC at 10 PM EST!