Star Wars Resistance season 1, episode 5 recap: The High Tower


For the first four episodes of Star Wars Resistance, Kazuda Xiono has been struggling to find his place aboard the Colossus. In episode five, he finally gets to start his spy mission.

The latest episode of Star Wars Resistance does not begin well for protagonist Kazuda Xiono (Christopher Sean). He falls on the droid Bucket and receives no sympathy from his colleague, Tam Ryvora (Suzie McGrath). While recovering, Neeku (Josh Brener) demonstrates the new commlinks he’s made. While effective, they produce loud feedback when in close proximity.

Just then, Captain Doza (Jason Hightower), the commander of the station, requests all residents to power down for the next 100 hours. Tam and team take this opportunity to chill out at Aunt Z’s Café but most of the customers are complaining about not being able to do anything without power. Kaz isn’t too upset, but when Aunt Z (Tovah Feldshuh) suggests Doza is part of the First Order, Kaz sees an opportunity to start the mission that Poe Dameron set him on in the pilot episode of Star Wars Resistance.

Kaz wants to investigate Doza’s High Tower, but can’t figure out how. Lucky for him, Ace pilot Hype Fazon (Donald Faison) walks into the café with much fanfare. Turns out, Tam and Hype used to be good friends, but the moment Hype became an Ace, he forgot about Tam. She’s convinced he’s self-centered and not worth their time, but of course, Kaz wants to be introduced to him.

As Kaz and Hype chat, Hype mentions that he is not part of the crew bringing in the shipment today because he wants nothing to do with the First Order. Kaz cannot resist – this is what he has been waiting for all this while.

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Kaz and BB-8 head to the docks, ignoring an alien who informs them that a curfew is in effect during the blackout. Just as Kaz is spying on the shipment, he is found out by Tam and Neeku. Tam thinks Kaz is studying the Aces, but before they can continue their conversation, Stormtroopers, including the Red Tie Fighter Pilot from the pilot episode, Major Vonreg (Lex Lang), exit the ship.

Kaz is desperate to learn why the First Order is here, and wonders whether Doza could indeed be the mole that Poe is looking for. Neeku misunderstands Kaz’s intentions and tries to speak to the First Order. Kaz tries to stop Neeku by calling him on his commlink, but he’s too late. Neeku intercepts the First Order and they are, of course, very dismissive of him. Annoyed, Kaz grabs Neeku’s comm link and leaves him behind.

While Tam is complaining about Hype to Kaz, Hype comes up behind her and invites both of them to the Aces Lounge in the High Tower. Forget the mission, Kaz is in love with The Lounge! It is plush and the food is delicious. As we’ve seen over the past several episodes of Star Wars Resistance, Kaz has found it difficult to cope with the stark life of Team Fireball. He eats everything in sight in The Lounge but, between mouthfuls, manages to spot the First Order walking into Doza’s office.

Hype tells Kaz that lately, the First Order have been up here a lot. This is all the incentive Kaz needs. While Tam talks to Hype, Kaz sneaks away to spy on the First Order. Since he is unable to get into the main office, he cleverly leaves Neeku’s commlink on a server droid’s tray while he stays outside listening in on the conversation. Major Vonreg is the reason for the power outage in the facility. He is threatening Doza to fall in with the First Order’s demands, or he will expose Doza’s dealings with the Criminal Underworld. Doza isn’t easily threatened, but the situation looks dire.

The server droid leaves the office as do the First Order officers. Unfortunately, the droid passes Kaz and accidentally gives Kaz’s location away with the loud feedback from the commlinks. As soon as the officers spot Kaz, they chase after him and begin shooting. With nowhere to go, Kaz leaps in through the first door he can find. Thankfully, it’s Torra Doza’s (Myrna Velasco) quarters and she misinterprets Kaz’s intrusion as evidence of him having a crush on her. If only life was that simple for Kaz!

When the First Order come knocking, Torra, quite literally, throws Kaz out the window. There’s a ledge below which he slides across. But he isn’t out of the woods yet. From Aunt Z’s Café, Neeku sees Kaz and assumes he is having a great time in the High Tower. Tam can’t understand what Kaz is doing, but the residents of Aunt Z’s start placing bets on Kaz falling off the ledge. Of course, nobody tries to help.

Kaz runs along the ledge, but can he jump across? After a couple of false starts, he makes it! But now he’s getting shot at by the Stormtroopers. This is like watching The Prince of Persia game come alive. Because these are Stormtroopers shooting at him, Kaz escapes unscathed. Apparently, the First Order’s troopers are just as bad with their aim as the Empire’s were. BB-8 opens a hanger door and Kaz falls in, gratefully hugging his droid savior. Kaz’s mission has been a success, and he has plenty to report to Poe.

Before the First Order leave, they inform Doza about the spy. Torra and Doza cover for Kaz, who returns to the Fireball hanger completely exhausted. Who knew he would be so happy to be back here? Finally, the power returns, but at what cost? Kaz thinks that Doza has given into the First Order.

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Episode five of Star Wars Resistance ends with Doza in his office looking at what can only be termed the galaxy’s most unflattering image of Kaz hanging from the ledge. Doza is now suspicious. Kaz is obviously not who he claims to be. ‘Who are you?’ Doza asks rhetorically, and not without malice.