American Horror Story: Apocalypse season 8, episode 8 recap: Sojourn


American Horror Story flashes back to the son of Satan’s journey to the Outpost and gives us some serious Westworld vibes.

American Horror Story is one week away from the season 8 penultimate episode, and it feels like there is still a lot of story to cover. We are still reeling from the reunion and crossover from past episodes, and I have to say I’m rather disappointed that it seems like that may be it.

Yes, of course, it wasn’t ever going to be Jessica Lange and Connie Britton in the entire season, but one can hope, right? This week’s episode, “Sojourn”, was all about Michael Langdon proclaiming his status as the son of Satan and the events that transpired before he went to the Outpost post-apocalypse.

“Sojourn” began with Michael heartbroken over the fate of his beloved Miriam Mead after the Coven burnt her to a crisp, but he promises Cordelia that he will bring Miriam back in some way, and boy, does he ever.

Because Miriam’s soul is enveloped in a spell, Cordelia tells Michael bringing Miriam back will be impossible, and in fact, makes him an offer to be friends. But the son of Satan is not about that life and is going to get revenge, even if it means killing off every witch.

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When the going gets tough, many of us look to our parents or other family members for help, and this is exactly what Michael does in American Horror Story as he draws out a pentagram to contact his father, aka Satan.

What follows is four days of Michael having frightening hallucinations which involve goats and snakes.

Feeling refreshed from his break, Michael finds his way to a church of Satanic followers where he meets a woman that wholeheartedly believes he is the Antichrist.

When she takes him to the church, the followers are not as quick to believe him, but after proving himself by conducting a human sacrifice, he is viewed as their leader.

Of course, Michael is struggling with what his purpose truly is, and that’s when he is taken to meet two men who are billionaire cokehead Satanists that run a robotics company. Ironically, they are played by Billy Eichner and Evan Peters, and it’s quite the hilarious get-up.

It’s here we learn that Venable actually worked for these two men, and instead of all black, she’s sporting a purple colored outfit from head to toe with red hair and seems awfully miserable working for the men who constantly demean her and treat her like an object.

Michael is brought here to use their company to help bring Miriam back–at least as a robot. However, they were skeptical to believe Michael even after he showed his tattoo. It’s not until he reveals himself by burning a woman to a crisp that they’re on board to recreate a robotic Miriam.

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Getting to work immediately, they are able to bring Miriam back, who even wakes up to recognize Michael immediately. Westworld vibes, anyone?

As we head into the last two episodes of American Horror Story, we are left questioning how the season is going to wrap up, because we still have so many questions like where the heck is this all going?

American Horror Story airs every Wednesday on FX at 10 PM EST!