A Million Little Things season 1, episode 6 recap: Unexpected


A Million Little Things reveals unexpected news about Delilah to the group with only one question on everyone’s mind.

A Million Little Things continues in the absence of Jon as the group tries to go on with their daily lives. Aptly named, “Unexpected”, this episode truly was about the unexpected news of Delilah’s pregnancy, and whether Eddie or Jon is the father.

One thing is clear, Rome absolutely cannot keep a secret, and it’s because of his accidental slip-up that everyone finds out that Delilah, not Regina is pregnant. In last week’s episode, the boys find a positive pregnancy stick in the trash and everyone assumes it’s Regina’s. But Rome learns differently and Regina asks him to stay tight-lipped during their game night because no one else can know.

Just like Rome, we were super curious about whether the baby is Jon’s or Eddie’s and that is the question on everyone’s mind when Rome blurts out Regina isn’t pregnant because the boys keep badgering him about the baby.

Pulling Eddie aside, Delilah tells him that he is not the father because she tells him that she was still sleeping with Jon, which catches Eddie by surprise because he thought differently. It breaks his heart to know that perhaps he was also being cheated on, even though technically that’s not really the case.

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Gina has a lot to deal with in “Unexpected” considering Delilah’s secret, but her mother, Shelly, shows up making matters worse.

She also momentarily believes that Regina is pregnant until Rome intervenes to tell her otherwise. This doesn’t stop the hopeful potential grandmother of the future from giving her two cents about them having kids.

The thing is that Regina doesn’t want to have kids, and never has, but now Rome may be feeling differently after thinking that Regina could possibly be pregnant. It truly is always a million little things, isn’t it?

Her’s mother passive aggressive behavior throws Regina off the edge and she finds herself blowing up at her, not realizing that Rome is harboring a secret she has no idea about. That is until she finds his suicide note crumpled up in the trash and confronts Rome about it.

It’s an extremely heartbreaking and emotional moment because it brings to light something about mental illness that many have a hard time understanding. Regina is confused as to why Rome feels this way, and guess what, so is he!

Despite having a seemingly perfect life, Rome still has moments where he feels sad, and he has no idea. If that scene on A Million Little Things didn’t bring you to tears, then I’m not sure what will. Regina looks him square in the eye and tells him that Rome isn’t just the best part of her life, but he is her life. Sigh.

While Katherine is out of town, Maggie and Gary offer to babysit Theo while Eddie has his concert. But the whole situation has Eddie uneasy because he hasn’t performed sober, ever. But with the help of Gary, he gets up on that stage and rocks out like a champ. And even better, Theo is in the crowd with Maggie and Gary watching.

In the midst of all this, Delilah is trying to grapple with the idea of having an abortion and asks Gary to go with her. However, she’s unable to go through with it. After attending Eddie’s concert, she goes to see him backstage and tells him that the baby is actually his, because she wasn’t sleeping with Jon anymore.

Of course, the birth of this baby will make things very, very weird especially considering the fact they have kids of their own so they come to the agreement that they will tell everyone it’s Jon’s baby. While that completely shatters my heart, I suppose it’s the best thing for them.

Also, A Million Little Things, can you please tell us what is up with Ashley and what she’s hiding? It turns out that Jon was in a lot of financial trouble, and it’s part of the reason why Delilah got rejected for a loan for the restaurant.

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Meanwhile, Ashley is still safeguarding information/insurance stuff that Jon left behind and while she considers telling Delilah the truth momentarily, a vision of how horrendous it could go stops her from doing so. There’s also someone by the name of Barbara Morgan on Jon’s life insurance policy, and it appears neither Ashley or Delilah know who it is–and the plot thickens.

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