Walking Dead spoilers: Will Rick Grimes die or will someone save him?


Will Rick Grimes die on The Walking Dead or will something happen to save his life?

That is the major question that is surrounding The Walking Dead this week, as it is the final episode for actor Andrew Lincoln before he leaves the show.

Watching this trailer from AMC, and it is clear that Rick Grimes will be reliving a lot in this upcoming episode.

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Honestly, that scene with Rick leading the herd down the road with the skyline in the distance is straight out of the first episode of the show.

Also, as Eagle-eyed viewers will recognize, Shane is in the trailer for the episode and that plays a large role in the story too.

According to the TSDF Army (via Monsters & Critics), there will be a huge twist in this episode so don’t read on it you don’t want to know what happens.

Will Rick Grimes die on The Walking Dead?

In the last episode of The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes was in a freak accident where he was impaled when thrown from his horse. Things looked bleak.

According to The Walking Dead spoilers, Rick will then realize that he might be dying and will work to lead the herd of Walkers away. His goal — to get them to the bridge where it will collapse.

He fails when the bridge does not collapse.

However, the episode will be his journey there where he will have hallucinations and see characters that have died in the past, including his former best friend Shane and others like Abraham and Hershel.

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Finally, when Michionne, Maggie and Daryl show up to help him, he is so far gone that he doesn’t believe it is really them and sets off dynamite on the bridge to eliminate the Walkers and send them out to sea.

At this point, it looked like the end for the hero of our show.

However, did Rick Grimes die on The Walking Dead this week?

Not really.

Jadis finds Rick still alive on the river banks. She says that he is still alive and then puts him in that helicopter that has been showing up and flies off with him.

That is great news because it opens the door for  Rick Grimes to return to The Walking Dead down the line if he wants to — or even to just show up when the show finally ends.

Will Maggie die on The Walking Dead?

Remember, Andrew Lincoln isn’t the only cast member leaving The Walking Dead. Lauren Cohan is also leaving to shoot another series, so Maggie is also leaving as well.

Will Maggie die … or even worse, will Maggie kill Negan as this promo hints?

The Walking Dead spoilers show what fans of the comic books know and fans of Negan hoped — Maggie will not kill Negan.

She sees Negan in the cell and wants to kill him. That is when Negan asks her to kill him so he can return to his wife.

Maggie, who is angry because she lost her husband to Negan realizes that the biggest punishment is forcing Negan to remain alive to remember what he did and realize he can’t get the easy way out and die.

How does this week’s The Walking Dead end?

This week, Rick Grimes looked like he would die on The Walking Dead but remained alive. Maggie looked like she would kill Negan, but left him alive. Plus, Maggie didn’t die.

But how do they move on from here?

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The final scene shows a young person in a cowboy hat saves a new group from a Walker herd. This is a 10-year-old Judith Grimes and there is the next major time jump with Judith likely taking the role Carl Grimes held in the comic books.

The Walking Dead airs on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. EST on AMC.