Camping season 1, episode 4 recap: Up All Night


The group stays up all night in Camping–which makes for some awkward, unexpected twists and turns.

Camping shows us what it’s like when Kathryn lets loose and goes a little crazy in this week’s episode, “Up All Night”. What caused her to finally let go of her obsessive and tedious tendencies? A pill of Adderall, that’s what.

Unable to sleep at night because of Jandice and Miguel’s sexcapades, Walt and Kathryn are up all night (ha!) as a result. When it gets to be too much, Kathryn goes over to their tent to ask them to quiet it down a little. To help her sleep, Jandice offers Kathryn some Ambien so she can try and get some shut-eye.

Through some convincing, Kathryn is finally convinced to take the pill with a “what the f**k, right?” which is unlike anything we’ve heard her say up until this point. There’s just one slight problem though, instead of Ambien, Jandice accidentally gave her Adderall.

Meanwhile, Nina Joy and George get into an argument after she yells at him for confronting Joe about the racist comment he made at the bar. She doesn’t want him to come to her rescue like she’s a damsel in distress, and out of frustration, she leaves the tent to go for a walk.

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During her walk, however, she comes across a beautifully set up glamping ground, and to her surprise, she knows one of the girls, Alison (Busy Phillips).

And if seeing Phillips didn’t put a smile on your face, then surely one of her gal pals Beth Anne must have, who is played by Nicole Richie. Seeing Richie gave us everything we never knew we wanted. Oh, and their third friend, Nia (Hari Nef), was there as well–also hilarious.

Camping gives us a glimpse into the glamping lifestyle with these three and naturally after the conditions Kathryn has kept the group under, Nina Joy is more than ecstatic to take a break in their lavish living arrangements.

The three women are wealthy and spoiled that taking JetBlue (according to Alison) is like living the bum life.

Completely unaware that she’s hyped up on Adderall, an antsy Kathryn ventures out into the night. She comes across Nina Joy and the three women and her loopy demeanor is so painful to watch but absolutely hilarious.

Upon Kathryn’s arrival, Nina Joy takes her leave, leaving Alison to tend with Kathryn, someone she knows really well. Honestly, Garner’s portrayal of Kathryn in this state is beyond hilarious–who knew she could play a weirdo so well?

The group is next joined by Carleen, who Alison mistakes for a ghost in the night (LOL!). And if you thought Kathryn was letting loose before, once her sister arrives, she becomes uncontrollable. She goes on to say how Joe is a drug addict and harps on the fact that Carleen never had children and that she wasted her uterus.

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It only gets worse when while playing 2 Truths and A Lie, Kathryn spills the deets about Nina Joy having an affair. And then she wonders why Nina Joy runs so far away from her, ugh.

As Carleen and Kathryn make their way back to their camping site, Kathryn continues to antagonize and demean Carleen about kids and marriage. And then the tables are turned when Carleen fires back with the fact that Kathryn doesn’t appreciate the great life she has with her loving husband and child.

And if she isn’t already being awful, Kathryn points out that Joe and Jandice are up to something weird in the woods and that her sister truly is careless when it comes to her life. So let’s back up for a second and talk about why Joe and Jandice are out in the woods in the first place.

After Joe and Carleen get into a fight about Carleen wanting to leave early so Joe doesn’t get into trouble, Joe storms off and chugs down a beer as he runs into Jandice. She is out and about after Miguel tells her that he doesn’t actually want to get married (remember she just sort of assumed he was proposing). Given it’s only been two weeks, probably not the brightest idea.

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When Jandice and Joe bump into one another, one thing leads to the next and Joe takes Jandice’s forward actions to mean something more and tries to kiss her but access is denied immediately. Well, then.

While everyone was a bit of a hot mess on this episode of Camping, Walt channeled his frustration the best–by ripping and completely destroying Kathryn’s mattress. And despite her taking notice to it being uncomfortable, the look on Walt’s face could care less.

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