Camping season 1, episode 3 recap: Fishing Trip


The men split off from the ladies to go on an interesting fishing trip on this week’s episode of Camping.

Camping goes fishing this week, and it’s quite the hilarious field trip for the men of the group. Unfortunately for Joe, he doesn’t quite fit in with the group and would rather not engage with any of them. And we can’t blame him either. The other guys went to school together and have inside jokes that Joe could never be a part of.

And as we’ve seen, Joe more often than not offends everyone with his inability to filter what he says. But his wife insists that he go anyway, and it results in some interesting conversation. And with the men gone, the women are left on their own for the day.

One would think that Kathryn would have planned an intense day full of activities for them but instead, she spends the day trying to create a necklace for Nina-Joy to get her forgiveness. Jennifer Garner’s portrayal of the erratic Kathryn is so spot-on and fun to watch, and if it was anyone else, it just wouldn’t be the same.

Carleen and Jandice spent the day sunbathing, or rather, Jandice spent the day heckling Carleen into letting go and being free. Over the course of the three episodes of Camping we’ve seen so far, Carleen’s character has been a delight to watch.

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She’s optimistic, happy, and tries to find the best in everything, and even when Jandice overwhelms her by chopping Carleen’s hair off and forcing her to lay out in the sun, she does it all with a smile.

And while they spend the day together, Carleen shares the story of how she and Joe met–and it’s not what you expect.

Carleen used to be Joe’s wife’s hospice nurse, and after his wife died, Carleen and Joe ended hooking up–and the rest is history.

Meanwhile, the fishing trip continues to be hilarious as Walt abruptly shares that he and Kathryn haven’t had sex in two years.

The boys are perplexed and perturbed by Walt’s revelation, so much so that Joe walks away flustered. But instead of comforting Walt and giving him advice, everyone except Joe starts talking about their own juicy sex lives. It’s unfair to him, and while Joe can be a jerk, he has a great point here.

After returning from the fishing trip, Kathryn asks Walt to come into the tent and starts unbuttoning her shirt. Unfortunately, it’s not what Walt thinks, but that doesn’t stop him from undressing and pouncing on Kathryn anyway. It turns out that Kathryn was only unbuttoning her shirt to show Walt the necklace she made for Nina-Joy.

But that doesn’t stop him from saying, “Are we ever going to f**k?”

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It only makes things worse because Kathryn had found Orvis watching Walt’s porn on the iPad, and now she thinks Walt is just losing his mind. Poor Walt, what a birthday this is turning out to be.

In other parts of the episode, Jandice finds a ring she finds in Miguel’s belongings and assumes that he was going to propose. From the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like that was his intention at all, but by the time he realizes what’s happening, it’s too late.

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