Homecoming season 1, episode 8 recap: Protocol


Heidi heads to Homecoming to learn the truth and gets in way over her head.

Homecoming is taking things to the next level as past catches up with future and results in the entire story taking a turn for the dramatic. In the present — future (whatever you want to call it), Colin/Hunter and Heidi are headed to Tampa so she can revisit her old stomping grounds that she can’t seem to recall at all.

After Thomas learns about where Heidi is headed, he decides to go after her, worried that she may try to destroy any remaining evidence. Of course, we know that’s not the case here, and she simply just wants to dust up the cobwebs taking over her mind.

But regardless of Heidi’s good intentions, Colin/Hunter was still with her, and it was a given that he would do whatever it takes to keep Heidi away from the truth. Back in the present, Heidi struggles to welcome the new batch of soldiers that have arrived at Homecoming and when Craig gives her a hard time, she aggressively brushes him off and snaps back into it, and looks creepy while doing so.

When Colin/Hunter and Heidi arrive at the Geist Wellness Center, it dons on you that this is was Colin’s gift in the case that the Homecoming program ended up being a success. Well, mission accomplished. When Thomas arrives there as well, we assume that they’ll bump into each other rather quickly, but that is not the case.

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Instead, Thomas ends up in the area that was actually used as what we knew as the Homecoming facility and Colin/Hunter were in a different part of the facility that wouldn’t have conjured up any memories for her. While looking for Heidi, Thomas gets a call from his boss and while she’s ranting about him pursuing the case, he hangs up on her and decides to continue looking around.

While looking around, nothing catches Heidi’s attention or triggers memory until she sees a sign on the door. She’s convinced behind this door will lie the answers to all her questions but when she walks in she finds a man that claims to know nothing about Homecoming.

Do you remember that bird from previous episodes? The one that is a protected species and the one that Walter put in Heidi’s office as a prank?

Well, it’s thanks to that very same bird’s squawking that Heidi’s memories come rushing back like water through a broken dam.

And of course, as the memories come back, she realizes who Colin is and tries to run away from him as fast as possible.

Knowing he can no longer fool Heidi, he begins to blurt out how everything got away from them and that they should share the blame for what happened.

As the words slip out of Colin’s mouth, he realizes that he can just pin the blame on Heidi. He never came to Homecoming and anything that was ever demanded by him was over the phone, so there’s no solid proof tying him to anything, and everything has Heidi’s name on it.

When Thomas shows up to find the both of them outside, Heidi tries to tell him that he was right all along and Colin is the one to blame for everything. Using their one night of passion as a means to trick Thomas, Colin tells him that he and Heidi have a sexual relationship, so she’s just acting out now.

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Threatened by Thomas, Colin starts verbally attacking him and says that he should just return to work because he has nothing to prove Colin’s involvement–in fact, he doesn’t even have the power to arrest him. And as Colin tries to leave, Heidi pushes him into a fountain and he angrily drives away while Thomas takes a crying Heidi home.

In the present/future, Heidi is crying in her office because she is filled with guilt over the fact that the new soldiers are about to be tricked and their lives will change forever. She gathers all her office supplies and breaks down in tears over them, and as this unfolds, Walter walks in asking if everything is alright.