A Million Little Things season 1, episode 7 recap: I Dare You


A Million Little Things tugs at our heartstrings once again with an emotionally packed episode–don’t watch it without your tissue box by your side.

A Million Little Things sure knows how to make us feel every emotion in the book and then some. And they come at us from every angle in this week’s episode, “I Dare You.” The episode begins with a focus on Maggie and Gary who wake up to Gary’s annoying clock alarm (in Maggie’s words, why isn’t he using his phone?!).

There’s a looming cloud hanging above their relationship in the form of Maggie’s impending death that will inevitably come since she refuses to get treatment. And in their morning conversation, one thing leads to another and Gary dares Maggie to call a psychologist she doesn’t like and give her a piece of her mind.

This kickstarts a series of dares between the two that ultimately ends on a very serious, emotional one. Maggie then dares Gary to run a lemonade stand and for goodness sakes find a ringtone on his phone to use as an alarm.

Rome has a bit of a health scare in this week’s A Million Little Things and considering Regina just found out about his suicide attempt, it gives her a bit of a panic attack. After he wakes up with a severe stomachache, she sits by his side to take care of him instead of going with Delilah to her first ultrasound.

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Suffering in pain, Rome calls Maggie to ask if the antidepressants could be causing the pain, but before he realizes it, the pain gets so bad he falls to the ground. Regina comes rushing in to help him up and realizes Maggie is on the phone. At the moment, she has no idea why Maggie was on the phone, but she rushes Rome to the hospital per Maggie’s instructions.

While at the hospital, Regina tells the nurse that Rome recently tried to kill himself which leads everyone to suspect if Rome was trying to overdose and that’s what might be causing the stomach pain. He’s given black charcoal which will help pump out anything he might have ingested, even though he states he didn’t overdose.

Gary has the right idea all along and tells Rome he most likely has a kidney stone that needs to be passed. It’s why he’s in so much pain, but of course, Regina begs to differ and forces him to take the black charcoal. Meanwhile, Maggie comes clean to Regina about knowing Rome’s state of mind and how he sought her out for therapy, and how she referred him.

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Unfortunately, Regina doesn’t have the luxury to be angry (she definitely is, though) because she’s so worried about Rome. The good news in all of this? Rome actually wants to live now.

During lunch, Maggie and Gary talk about how they both knew about Rome and his suicide attempt. And while chowing down on ramen, Regina calls Gary to let him know he was right–Rome has a kidney stone and it becomes clear from his agonizing screams in the background.

Rome is alive and well, and it wasn’t an overdose but now Regina finds herself at a crossroads about their relationship.

She’s upset that she was the only one who didn’t know about Rome’s suicide attempt and depression, and despite Rome telling her that he would have been dead a long time ago if it wasn’t for her–she still asks for time.

Maggie and Gary continue their dares with the next one involving them both singing into the microphone used to shout out order numbers. While the entire restaurant joins them in their mini karaoke session, Gary notices a bruise on Maggie’s arm which snaps him back to reality–she will die soon.

Her next dare for him? To prove that he’s not scared of anything, A Million Little Things, just stop breaking our hearts–please?

Facing his fear of heights, Gary writes a message for Maggie 15 stories up on a building and surprises her. But then his next dare for her brings the game to an abrupt end–daring her to do chemotherapy. She’s upset with him and is flustered over the fact that he still won’t let it go, but can you blame the guy?

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His relationship problems have to be set aside for the moment because Gary promises to take Danny on his first day with a boy to the arcade–and it’s adorable! Meanwhile, Rome asks Regina out on a date so they can start fresh and Maggie takes a closer look at her bruises and has a moment of epiphany or breakdown, I’m not exactly sure.

And then there’s Eddie and Delilah. After performing his song, “Unexpected”, Eddie gets an offer to sell his song for someone else to record. He’s not thrilled about the idea considering he thought the agent was interested in him.

However, when everyone arrives at the hospital for Rome, Eddie ends up accompanying Delilah to the ultrasound so she doesn’t have to go alone. It’s quite an emotional A Million Little Things moment and it’s also a saddening reminder that they can’t tell anyone it’s their baby.

Regardless of the situation, Eddie promises to help how he can and decides to sell his song after all. What that song will eventually sound like is something we don’t want to think about but Eddie walks away with one piece of advice for the singer–stop drinking so he doesn’t end up like Eddie.

What about Katherine? We saw a bit more of her this week in her element working away. But it seems like there may be a coworker that’s into her–and honestly, she deserves it (just like Gary said).

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Do you think Maggie will decide to do chemotherapy when A Million Little Things returns in three weeks? Your guess is as good as ours!

Be sure to tune into ABC on Nov. 28th for an all-new episode at 10 PM EST!