Camping season 1, episode 5 recap: Just Plain Mad


Kathryn is not a happy camper after reeling from a night of Adderall-induced insomnia in this week’s episode of Camping.

Camping is pushing the limits of each and every person as they are all at their wit’s end with one another, but namely Kathryn. This week in “Just Plain Mad” everyone is over it, including Kathryn, who no longer cares if no one wants to follow her itinerary and laid-out plans.

After accidentally being dosed with Adderall thanks to Jandice, Kathryn wakes up the next morning angry and annoyed at everyone. And when she decides to tell everyone that she doesn’t care if they listen to her, she gets a generally annoyed response in return.

While everyone is gathered for breakfast, Kathryn goes on to say that the omelet jam is canceled and that they need to go replenish their food supply because an “animal” took most of what they had aka Sol took everything they had.

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Kathryn, Walt, Carleen, Joe, and Sol go to the town supermarket to pick up some food, and Kathryn has given everyone permission to get whatever they want because she “doesn’t care”.

This is far from the truth as she makes passive aggressive comments towards everyone’s food of choice, including Walt’s jars of pickles which he aggressively puts his foot down for.

Carleen and Walt are often the two of the group that have to face Kathryn’s wrath and decide in this week’s episode of Camping that enough is enough.

But Carleen isn’t just fired up about her overbearing sister, but also Joe who she was told was snuggling up to Jandice in the middle of the night.

When she confronts Joe about it, he retaliates back by saying they were just talking and sharing business ideas and nothing else happened. Come on Joe, seriously. This rage continues when they return back to camp and Carleen lets Kathryn have it when she starts pestering her about the dessert.

She thinks that Kathryn needs to start respecting her and Walt, and as she walks away Joe and Kathryn start to argue over who treats Carleen worse. Then it’s Walt turn, who takes a more indirect approach to his pent-up frustration by saying that sometimes people just get mad and sometimes when you bottle up your anger for so long, it gets overwhelming.

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Speaking of overwhelming, Miguel and Jandice are having trouble in paradise as Jandice reveals she wants to back home to Los Angeles and isn’t even into him anymore. Miguel’s solution? Feign desperation and let Jandice snort coke off his d**k.

Relationship problems are the central theme of the episode as Nina-Joy and George also get into when her affair is brought up. To de-escalate the argument, the two smoke a joint but not before George reveals that the only way to even the score is by allowing him to sleep with someone on this trip. Uhhhhh, what?

Camping airs every Sunday on HBO at 10 PM EST!