Tell Me A Story season 1, episode 3 recap: Chapter 3: Greed


Tell Me A Story takes a dark turn as the stakes and spooks rise to another level–along with Jordan’s obsession.

Tell Me A Story is getting increasingly more interesting but the verdict is still out there on whether or not it’s a show worth watching. But I have to say, this week’s episode, “Greed”, is a lot better than the two that have preceded it, so there’s hope!

The episode begins with Beth’s funeral, and a very torn, disgruntled looking Jordan. Beth’s death has left him in a hot, emotional mess and it’s getting to the point where he’s having visions–which include seeing everyone at the funeral wearing pig masks (my worst nightmare!).

The paranoia is strong in every character this week, and one of the most is Hannah who is concerned over who moved Dan’s body from the hotel room. It’s driving her crazy, and she’s worried it could lead back to her and Gabe. It doesn’t help when cops show up at her workplace and one of her employees points them in her direction–but they weren’t coming to her so she’s safe for now.

Kayla is still in a bit of trouble at home after basically ignoring any and all instructions from her father, and even though she can have her phone back, Grandma Colleen intends on extending the punishment for a little bit longer by making Kayla come to work at her costume shop after school.

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If there is anyone paranoid in Tell Me A Story, it’s most certainly Eddie. But his paranoia is actually valid because Jordan is essentially stalking him to figure out whether or not Eddie is behind Beth’s death. And Eddie’s situation is even worse considering he owes some dealers about 20 grand, and there is still no news about their share of the robbery.

Obsession is another big element in this week’s episode, and at the forefront (apart from Jordan) is Hannah who wants to figure out who moved Dan’s body. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to figure things out and turns on Dan’s burner phone to see what happens. When she makes a call to one of the numbers in his phone, Sam picks up. Looks like this mystery is way more complicated than we could have imagined.

The other thing Hannah can’t let go of is a key card she found in Dan’s wallet that apparently opens a storage room, and she fully intends on going to see what’s in there. Gabe is not on board with Hannah messing around with things like this, but she doesn’t really seem to care.

Alright, someone needs to tell Kayla to cool down in Tell Me A Story because her flirt game with Teacher Nick is at an all-time high and even he’s starting to freak out. I mean, we can’t blame her because he is pretty hot but come on, the dude is telling you he doesn’t want to lose his job so shouldn’t she just chill? Oh, teenage hormones.

Unfortunately, it seems like their secret is starting to spread because when Ethan shows up and frightens Kayla at the costume shop later, he reveals that Laney told him all about Kayla and Nick. Uh oh. The next day at school this becomes an issue when Kayla confronts Laney who confesses she must have told Ethan while she was high. And then when Laney goes to yell at Ethan, he almost blurts out the secret and freaks Nick out.

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Eddie and Mitch decide to go and figure out why Sam hasn’t given them their share, and it turns out there is still nothing set up yet. Given how crazy and paranoid Eddie is feeling, he gets confrontational and tries to beat up Sam, who has a gun and a mean punch which takes Eddie down.

Anyone wondering what this week’s Tell Me A Story twist is? Well, when Hannah goes to the storage facility, she finds cash–a lot of cash. And while it seems like an absolutely stupid idea to pick up money from the guy whose murder you helped cover up, she decides to take it anyway.

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Later on, when Gabe goes to Hannah’s place to apologize, she shows him the money she found which rounds up to about $2 million.

Gabe is thinking what we’re thinking and chews her out for getting involved this way, but it’s too late, she’s obsessed and already planning a whole new life for them.

Hannah believes they deserve to be happy after having pretty crappy lives and wants to create a new story. Well, not sure if that will work out for you.

Jordan is officially losing it by the halfway point of this episode of Tell Me A Story when he straight up sneaks into Eddie’s trailer hoping to find proof.

Unfortunately for him, Eddie comes home and he ends up having to hide in his room until he can find a way out. But while doing so, he found a bag that had one of the pig masks in it which confirms what he’s believed to be true this whole time.

On his way out with the pig mask in hand, Jordan hesitates for a moment as he spots Eddie’s gun and contemplates shooting him in his sleep, but ends up deciding not to. My, oh, my. That could have ended horribly.

And just when you think perhaps Nick will continue to resist Kayla’s flirty charm, he caves in after she shows up at his apartment to check in on him. One thing leads to another and before they know they are embraced in a makeout session. Welp, the heart wants what it wants–even if it’s your teacher.

At this point Tell Me A Story takes a dark, murderous turn–and it’s pretty intense. After fighting with Hannah, Gabe returns home to find Billy murdered in the bathtub and warns Hannah about what happened. But it’s a bit too late for her because a mysterious man has shown up in her apartment looking for money.

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And what makes the next few minutes so aggravating is seeing her lie and try to beat this guy down any chance she gets because she wants the money. Sure, who wouldn’t want two million dollars but girl, seriously? Was it worth smashing the guy’s brains with a microwave? It would appear so.

Until next week, folks.

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