Origin season 1, episode 3 recap: Bright Star


Rey and Taylor’s past aboard the Origin is revealed as Lana and Shun search for the passenger who escaped from the damaged part of the ship.

Origin’s passengers just can’t seem to catch a break, can they? Rey (Nora Arnezeder) continues fighting to recover from her wound, but another threat looms. Lana (Natalia Tena) and Shun (Sen Mitsuji) realize the escaped passenger made it to the elevator and has likely been walking among them the whole time.

When Shun accuses Lana, she denies being the passenger, but he says he can’t just take her word for it.

Lana realizes there is one person who would’ve actually seen the passenger escape: Rey. Shun notes that if that’s true, the passenger will want to ensure her silence.

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Lana tells Henri (Fraser James) and Abigail (Madalyn Horcher) to keep Rey a secret, but it’s too late. All the passengers know about Rey, and one of them is coming for her.

How well did Rey and Taylor actually know each other?

Rey and Taylor’s (Wil Coban) encounter in episode two was quite contentious, but we learn in Origin‘s third episode that they were actually very close before everything went terribly wrong. Taylor was really a medic, as his dog tag said, and he treated Rey after she was blinded in an accident.

When the ship briefly traveled faster than light speed, Rey was locked in her cyropod, like everyone else, but hers malfunctioned. A breach caused light to stream in, severely damaging her eyes. As Taylor took care of her, the two became friends and then more.

Rey eventually got her sight back, just in time for everything to go to hell. The Origin apparently flew into an unexpected debris field and the shields didn’t hold. The captain ordered the crew to evacuate their passengers, each crew member had a sector of passengers assigned to them, and then abandon ship themselves.

The captain ordered everyone to stay away from the damaged part of the ship, though, and let those passengers die. But those happened to be Taylor’s passengers, and he refused to give up on them. Rey went to check on her passengers, the ship’s current occupants, but then got a distress call from Taylor.

When she found him, he warned her to stay away and said he wasn’t in control of his own body. He turned around, blood streaming from his eyes, and stabbed Rey. She shot him once, but he didn’t stay down for long. As he was about to lunge again, she shot him two more times.

Did Rey really see the future?

While Rey was being blinded by the solar light, she had a series of visions. Some were of her old life in France, but two were of Origin passengers, namely, Logan (Tom Felton) and Lee. When Rey told Taylor about the visions, he said it was possible she could have seen both her past and her future due to something called “Closed Timelike Curves” that are apparently “like tiny time travel machines.”

On the one hand, that’s really cool. On the other hand, it’s very bad because Rey’s visions of the future looked pretty gruesome. In one, she saw Logan with blood dripping from his mouth like a zombie. In the other, she saw Lee with an eye gouged out.

Who is the runaway passenger?

It’s Eric (Johannes Haukur Johannesson). The friendly, to the point of being slightly creepy, the guy who’s mostly been a background player. He had a brief conversation with Lee (Adelayo Adedayo) in episode two, but otherwise, he’s mostly been keeping to himself.

In episode three, he shows his true colors. He sets off the fire alarm to draw Henri out of the med bay and then knocks out Abigail. He almost succeeds in suffocating Rey, until Lana calls out Rey’s name and distracts Eric. Rey grabs a scalpel and stabs Eric in the back.

Lana, Shun and Henri rush on the scene but not in time to stop Eric from fleeing. Rey confirms that Eric is infected, which is especially bad since he’s now bleeding all over the ship. Shun and Henri vow to find him, but will they get to him in time to prevent another outbreak?

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Side note: Johannesson bears a striking resemblance to How to Get Away with Murder‘s Charlie Weber, aka Frank, so watching him try to murder someone gave me some serious flashbacks.

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