Room 104 season 2, episode 8 recap: A Nightmare


After a lackluster seventh episode with “A Man and a Baby and a Man,” Room 104 rebounds with a great episode — the tale of a woman trapped in a never-ending nightmare.

When the episode opens, a woman is sleeping in Room 104 and is not having a sound sleep. She then wakes up from what was a bad dream.

She gets out of bed and turns on the light. She heads to the sink and washes her face. However, when she rises from the sink, there is a man behind her with a knife.

And, she wakes up from the nightmare.

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The same thing happens. She gets up, heads to the sink and washes her face — but this time when she looks up, everything is ok. She turns on the TV and can’t get reception on any of the channels — just static.

As she struggles to get the TV to work, she sees a picture coming in of two feet and realizes it is her feet. She then stands up and looks at her feet again and then something grabs her feet and pulls her under the bed.

And, she wakes up from the nightmare.

She gets up, heads to the sink and washes her face. Then she heads to the phone in Room 104 and dials out to call her mom. She told her mom that everything is fine but she is overworked and overtired from all the travel.

Her mom said that she had terrible anxiety when she was her age and hopes it isn’t happening to her. She explains that she is having dreams and her mom said that nightmares can feel so real that they spill over to the daytime and she doesn’t want that to happen.

Her mom offers to come over but she rejects the offer. Her mom said that she is feeling bad energy from her side of the phone and that she feels that there is something there that might be after her and she tells her to get out of the hotel before it is too late.

The bed then starts to eat her while her mom screams for her to get out of there.

And, she wakes up from the nightmare.

She then said “F- this” and starts to pack to leave Room 104. She gets all her stuff and loads it up but when she opens her purse, a snake comes out and bites her.

And, she wakes up from the nightmare.

She tries to leave but the door won’t open and she can’t get through the curtains to the window. Her mom is now there and said that she called and is worried. She said she told her to get out. She said the door was locked but she should have tried the key.

She realized that you don’t open the door from the inside with a key but her mom has the key. She offers to get them out of this place and goes to unlock the door. That is when the girl sees a faceless man behind her mother, who then kills her.

And, she wakes up from the nightmare.

She turns on the light. She gets the phone to dial out and calls 9-11 and said that someone or something is in her room trying to hurt her. They dispatch someone to her room and she explains that she has been having a dream and the 9-11 operator said that this is real..

The operator then asks about the man with the knife and the operator starts laughing and she realized the phone is not even hooked in. She throws the phone and it smashes a hole in the wall and a snake comes after her.

She backs into a mirror and then she breaks it with her elbow. she now has two large cuts on her arm. She sees herself get out of bed and go to the sink to clean her face. The, she sees the Faceless Man behind her other self and watches him kill her.

She then hides in the bathroom and sees herself in the bathtub — all bloody. Her bloody-self said that she brought all them into the hotel room with her and she should just go home. She said she put them all out there and if she wants them gone, she could make them go away.

“Why do I need you here?”

“Because without us, you have to face what is out there in the real world. In the truly terrifying daylight. It’s easier to face us than to face yourself.”

She said that she is going to get out of there. Her bloody version said that makes her lucky and then helps her open the bathroom door. She runs out and everything is normal except for the sound of laughter.

The Faceless man attacks and she kills him. The hand from under the bed grabs her and she cuts off its fingers. Her mom is telling her to run and get out of there. Her mom tells her to run and get the “f out.” She then stabs her mom, who keeps telling her to get out.

Her bathroom version asks if that is what she really wants. She explains that she is free to go. She also sees herself sleeping in the bed and still having a nightmare.

“Don’t you want to stay in here with us? Can you really face yourself in the daylight?”

She decides that she is not scared. She turns to go to the door, opens the handle and opens it. She is then lifted off the ground in front of a bright light. She relaxes and smiles at the light and lets it end.

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This is truly an allegory of a depressed woman who finally faces her fears and realizes that once she stops being afraid, she can cleanse herself of everything standing in her way. For anyone who suffers from depression or anxiety, this is one Room 104 episode that might hit really close to home.