Camping season 1 finale recap: Birthday Party (Part 2)


Walt’s disastrous birthday party continues and ends on a dramatic note in the Camping season 1 finale.

Camping has been one hell of a ride, and it’s hard to say goodbye to the eight-episode comedy. But alas we must, and did this past Sunday. Walt’s birthday has been a dramatic adventure and an eye-opening experience for all those that attended it. Between Kathryn’s meltdowns, Nina Joy’s infidelity, and Jandice’ bizarre behavior, there’s been so much going on–so much.

In “Birthday Party (Part 2)”, Nina Joy quickly realizes that her hot and heavy affair isn’t as appealing as she thought. In fact, Braylen’s excessive talking and jibber-jabbering put things into perspective for her rather quickly. Unfortunately, this epiphany comes a bit too late. George has come to the conclusion that even if they attempt to make their relationship work, it’s just not what each of them ultimately wants.

At least the camping trip proved to be useful to someone! With no other option, Nina Joy heads back home with Braylen. If we were to take a wild guess, that relationship is unlikely to last very long. But hey, love is complicated.

Jandice and Kathryn have been at each other’s throats all season, and every time there is a moment of peace, it’s followed by chaos. However, this time the chaos gets way out of and results in a bloody fist fight. There is a lot of pent-up frustration at this point in both of them. Particularly Kathryn who just tried to have sex with Walt and was flat out rejected.

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Kathryn basically beats the crap out of Jandice, and instead of being upset, Jandice is happy that Kath found an outlet. This girl be cray! How is she not mad at all!? She may not be angry, but Jandice is certainly manipulative in the season 1 finale of Camping.

Miguel and Joe are pretty much obsessed with Jandice, and she takes full advantage of that in this episode. She tricks them into feeling sorry for her when she points out that they don’t care about her.

So can they do to appease her? Well, this is an interesting one. She wants them to prove their interest in her by having Miguel go down on Joe–while she watches. And, ladies and gentlemen, they did just that.

By the time the next morning (the final morning) rolls around, Joe decides to go to rehab. And somehow, he and Carleen are still together. Perhaps, the only couple to still be together at the end of the camping trip. How is that possible?!

After Kathryn’s whining, bossing around and micromanaging every little thing, Walt and Carleen decided they have had too much. They’re going to stand up for themselves and tell her that they’re not going to be her tools. Walt has an odd way of going about this because, in his inebriated state, he ends up having sex with Jandice.

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When the final morning came around, Kathryn and Walt go to pick up Orvis from Harry’s trailer. Surprisingly, Jandice is there because Harry took care of her all night. And, she’s planning on staying there and hoping they can all get together for a repeat trip next year. Girl, not likely.

On their drive home, Kathryn and Walt sat in complete, pin-drop silence. And the look on Walt’s face gives away what happens next. He shouts out that he had sex with Jandice and the scene closes on them holding hands in tears. Well, then. That ending, though.

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