Elseworlds: Behind-the-scenes video promises an exciting crossover


The heroes of Elseworlds promise a fun-filled crossover.

Every year it feels like the excitement grows for every Arrowverse crossover. Elseworlds released a behind-the-scenes video with the cast excitedly hyping up the series. The CW has always had a smart marketing team, and why not show off their charming team of actors with a short video? Fans are treated to some small bloopers, interviews, and scenes from the upcoming crossover.

Melissa Benoist quicks off the teaser talking about how much fun the cast had filming Elseworlds. It means most of the heroes get rounded up and spend a long shoot together. However, Benoist has more of reason to be excited because Supergirl gets to spend some time with her family in this event. Yes, Kara will be traveling to Kent Farm, the iconic one from Smallville, alongside her friends in this crossover. Not to mention, the universe will officially be introducing Lois Lane, just another reason to celebrate.

Who else is coming to the Arrowverse for the first time? None other than Ruby Rose’s Batwoman! Rose herself also gives a short statement about her excitement to take on the character for the first time in live action. She also talks about the desire to make her as strong and badass as she can to do the character justice for both the fans and herself. Based on the costume design and her comments, we can’t wait to see what Rose brings as Batwoman.

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While Stephen Amell will be suiting up as the Flash in Elseworlds, he will be joined by another speedster. John Wesley Shipp is appearing in his iconic original costume alongside the other heroes for this adventure. Grant Gustin talks about his heartbreak over having to wear the Green Arrow costume rather than being able to stand side-by-side with Shipp’s Flash.

Amell also teases some of the Easter eggs fans can look out for within the event. Considering the team will be traveling to Gotham, there’s a chance we get to hear something about Batman. Other than that, it seems doubtful we’ll see any big DC Comics nods to the Bat Family.

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Candice Patton, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Hartley Sawyer, and Tom Kavanaugh also appear from The Flash to offer little teases of their own. Their appearance in the behind-the-scenes video seems to hint Team Flash will have a larger role in this crossover. Arrow‘s and Supergirl‘s ensemble is noticeably missing, but perhaps it will be for a story reason.

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