Fandom 250: Marvel fans secure a high ranking thanks to a great year!


Fandom 250 proves it’s a great time to be a Marvel fan!

The latest rankings have been released for Fandom 250, and unsurprisingly Marvel makes it into the top 30 overall. It also secured the number two spot in comics, which also shouldn’t come as a shock considering the strength of its titles. 2018 was a fantastic year to be a Marvel fan, across the board. Movies like Black PantherAnt-Man and the Wasp, and the renowned Avengers: Infinity War have made history. Whereas television shows like Agents of SHIELD and Daredevil had their best seasons creatively.

While Marvel has struggled in the past with launching their television shows compared to the CW’s Arrowverse, this year has shown they’ve finally gotten the formula down. New shows like Runaways and Cloak & Dagger brought in a younger fanbase for Marvel while still maintaining a mature level of story-telling.

Despite cancellations for three out of the five Marvel/Netflix shows, the darker Defenders universe has been at its creative best. After a lackluster first season debut of Iron Fist, the second season was a complete joy to watch. The revitalized stunt sequences helped make Danny Rand a better character, while the remaining cast members fought for the spot of best-supporting groups on screen.

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Luke Cage also added some depth to an already interesting character. While many fans might have disagreed with the story arc he went on, the soundtrack and Mike Colter were excellent. Jessica Jones is perhaps Marvel’s most intriguing series because it focuses more on the effects of trauma. It’s very rare a television show can get away without having a villain, especially on a superhero series. However, Jessica Jones managed to do it incredibly well.

Finally, Daredevil season 3 was an absolute joy to watch. The fight sequences will go down in history, especially the latest eleven-minute one-take fight scene. While Matt Murdock is the star of the show, the ensemble really stepped up. Karen Page especially, really found her footing and became a star in her own right. She held her own against Kingpin, and the scene of the two of them trying to rile the other up will be forever ingrained in our memories.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about Marvel’s longest running show, Agents of SHIELD. While it’s become the little-show-that-could on network television, latest studies have proven it’s actually one of the most in-demand series on the air right now. This won’t come as a surprise to longterm viewers since SHIELD is arguably one of the greatest shows from the genre. The cast has become so good, it doesn’t even feel like there’s a weak link within the ensemble.

Why else has Marvel ranked so highly on Fandom 250? A lot of people have criticized Marvel for not being dark enough, however, the shows do differ from the movies a lot in that respect. While we’ve always thought the films struck the perfect balance between mature with a bit of wit and humor, the television shows have been quite a bit darker. They’ve tackled a lot of real-life life issues including PTSD, discrimination, addiction, and even the downfalls of ambition. A lot of fans can relate to at least one if not more of these things.

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Of course, it wouldn’t be Marvel if the shows didn’t have plenty of humor and charm. Netflix has found a lot of sarcastic humor through Jessica Jones, while SHIELD has very fast-paced witty dialogue. The balance between laughs, tears, and seriousness has absolutely helped Marvel charm its way to the top of the Fandom 250 list.

Do you agree with Marvel’s placement in Fandom 250? Would you like to have seen it higher? Be sure to tell us in the comments below!