Fandom 250: American Horror Story lands a spot in the rankings!


The American Horror Story fandom is one of a kind–and it has more than the past eight years of love to prove it.

American Horror Story is unique, to say the least. Over the course of eight seasons, the series has covered some of the most bizarre horror stories. And along the way, gathered a fandom that has stayed by its side through thick and thin. From Murder House to Apocalypse, the American Horror Story fandom has continued to stay strong.

This is why this fandom, in particular, deserves to have a spot in the Fandom 250–and precisely why it does. Ranking 21st in the category of television, and 200 overall, the series has joined the ranks of some of the best fandoms across the world. And trust us, that does not come easy.

So what makes this fandom so special? For starters, when the epic crossover season was announced, fans rallied together in anticipation ahead of the premiere. By the time the season 8 premiere came around, the fandom all tuned in. This made American Horror Story the second most-watched series (at that time) of 2018.

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Can you believe that?! Of course, longtime members of the fandom were thrilled about season 8 because of its crossover with season 1 and season 3. It brought back fan favorites Connie Britton and Jessica Lange into the mix, and naturally, the fandom celebrated their return.

Throughout all the seasons of the series, there have been some strange storylines that often many did not connect with. But you know who did? The amazing fandom! They stuck by the show’s side when others may have stood their scratching their heads, wondering what they were watching.

It is fandoms like this that really make a show last and succeed for years to come. Without the die-hard fans and their adoration, shows simply would not make it. It is why the American Horror Story fandom is so wonderful, and why we can’t gush enough about them.

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Who else would celebrate the return of a coven of witches and ghosts of the past? And who else would appreciate the mind-boggling stories Ryan Murphy comes up with from season to season? American Horror Story is one hell of a show, with one hell of a fandom–and we are excited to celebrate them!