Dogs of Berlin season 1, episode 4 recap: Home Game


As Grimmer continues to evade Kovac, Erol faces his fears and returns to the Red Card task force on Dogs of Berlin.

When Grimmer tries to pay his debt to the Kovac clan, he discovers that his bookie has been murdered and there’s no way to retrieve his winnings on Dogs of Berlin. Grimmer also must remove all evidence of his gambling activity from the crime scene without Fucht and his team noticing and continue to evade Kovac until he has the money. He finds his own records but is interrupted before he can find Bine’s.

Bou’Penga hides out in his hotel room, obsessing over his missed penalty kick, pouring over sports analysis and playing himself in Fifa. He calls Lukas Schmaus, the team’s “entertainment director”, who arranges a pretty blonde to keep him company. Schamus sets it up with the escort service and Bou’Penga goes to an offsite apartment to meet her.

Once he arrives at the apartment, however, he finds Erdem’s best friend Qays is already there. He’s paranoid and scared, saying that Erdem was scared and that they were supposed to meet at the apartment two days ago. Qays shows Bou’Penga a bunch of cameras and listening devices he found hidden around the apartment. Qays thinks its CIA, but Bou’Penga thinks its Schmaus gathering dirt on the team. Bou’Penga calls his coach who calls in a specialist to take care of the situation.

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Kareem gets into some trouble when he lets his security duties slip. A clan member is denied entrance of a club and gets his jaw broken in a confrontation with the bouncer. In retaliation, Hakim orders Kareem to take a gang to shoot up the club owner’s security guys. Kareem takes the club owner to meet with Hakim to make peace with him, but Hakim is not satisfied. He has the bouncer responsible thrown from the roof of his apartment building. This is less a matter of honor than it is a power play to show Kareem the consequences of not staying in his place.

Raif encourages Murad to quit Tarik-Amir before its too late and to pursue his music instead. Raif offers to promote him, find him the right connections and high-profile gigs. Raif wants to get out of Tarik-Amir too and is tired of being defined by his name. Maissa asks him to stay away from Murad, but he convinces her to go out with him to get to know him as a person, not just as a Tarik-Amir.

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Erol is treated for his injuries at the hospital but has doubts about returning to work. He’s scared and tells his friend a story about how Hakim beat him up on the playground when he was a kid. He thinks Tarik-Amir is a force of nature that can’t be stopped but after a pep talk from his friend he’s ready to return to work. Grimmer manipulates Erol into requesting to take over the bookie murder case from Fucht, transferring the evidence into their custody. As everyone comes together as a task force, news of Erdem’s murder becomes public.