A Million Little Things season 1, episode 10 recap: Christmas Wishlist


A Million Little Things ends on an emotional cliffhanger in the midseason finale!

A Million Little Things why do you insist on breaking our hearts into a million little pieces? Sigh. The midseason finale left us with a lot of questions and a whole new perspective on the man Jon was. Things are about to get very complicated and the midseason finale has set it all up perfectly.

It’s the first Christmas Eve without Jon which means the group is coming together to help Delilah and the kids through the holiday. This involves going out shopping for a Christmas tree as a group–can we all have friends like this?

While shopping, Delilah slips and has a fall, giving everyone a scare. Of course, the kids have no idea why they are so concerned, but considering she’s pregnant, it’s a cause of worry. Later that day, Delilah notices she is spotting. Uh oh! Thankfully, Eddie is around to take her to the hospital while Rome and Gina distract the kids.

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All’s well with Delilah and Eddie’s baby, though! Turns out it was unharmed during the fall, and everything is going to be just fine. Phew. What’s not fine though is the fact that Sophie tracked Delilah down after noticing everyone was acting weird. When she saw she was at the hospital, she rushed over and learned about her mother’s secret.

Despite Delilah’s reservations about telling the kids, they were actually pretty excited. Little do they know, it’s their half-sibling. But that’s a topic of discussion for another day! There’s Christmas to celebrate after all, and plenty more problems to take care of.

Rome and Gina have quite the predicament in the midseason finale of A Million Little Things. The numbing of libido because of anti-depressants kind of predicament that is.

While Gina is eager to get some action from Rome, he’s just not feeling it. One of the side effects of anti-depressants that Gina comes to learn a lot about.

But instead of becoming distant, Gina and Rome talk through it. It’s not anyone’s fault, but it’s a result of the medication, which Rome confesses he wants to stop taking. At least at some point in time.

Eddie is prepping to go out on the road, but it means missing Christmas with Theo. He and Katherine have worked out a pretty solid schedule so he gets to spend some time with Theo before heading off. It’s nice to see how Katherine and Eddie have moved forward from their drama, isn’t it?

After going with Delilah to the hospital, it occurs to Eddie just how absent he was during Theo’s birth. Before heading off the next morning, he apologizes to Kat for his behavior and she asks him not to drink while on tour. Oh, the feels.

There was a lot of progress on the Maggie/Gary front, and most of it was absolutely wonderful. You all remember how Gary slept with Ashley (Jon’s secretary) after Maggie broke it off, right? Well, while running an errand with Gary, Maggie accidentally finds out about it.

But before they can dive too deep into it, Maggie vomits all over Gary and his car. Almost immediately, Gary is overcome with emotions because he realizes Maggie is getting treatment after all! That’s enough to bring them back together again, at least we hope so!

And then we get to the kicker of the midseason finale of A Million Little Things. While the group is all together, rocking out to Christmas tunes courtesy of Eddie and Sophie, the doorbell rings and Delilah is served! It turns out they’re behind on mortgage payments and now have 21 days to leave the house.

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All of Ashley’s secret phone calls and pleading to someone makes sense now–she knew this was coming and she’s watching it all go down from a distance. Naturally, Delilah is confused because as far as she knew, the house was paid off. But boy, is she in for a whirlwind nightmare.

With nowhere left to turn, she goes to Katherine, a real estate attorney, to get the help she needs. Funny how things work out, huh?

A Million Little Things returns to ABC on Jan. 17 on a new day–Thursdays!