Tell Me A Story season 1, episode 7 recap: Chapter 7: Betrayal


This just might be the best episode of Tell Me A Story yet!

Tell Me A Story dives deep into the drama in it’s latest episode, “Betrayal”. There is a whole lot of twisty, turvy moments making for the season’s best episode yet–at least I think so. The concept of betrayal is at the core of the episode, and each character is forced to face being the betrayed or being betrayed.

Let’s talk about Kayla and Nick first. Nick has lost it and is in over his head with obsession regarding Kayla. Despite her saying she’s not interested, he’s persisting to be a part of her life, going as far as having a drink at her father’s restaurant. Let’s not forget, he even committed murder for her.

Kayla is starting to realize just how far this all has gone and decides to do some investigative work into the big, bad wolf that is taking over her life. With Laney’s help, the girls dive deep into the throes of the internet and find out that Nick’s real name is Joshua Sullivan. They also find out that he has or perhaps had a disabled brother at some point.

In a picture they find, it seems like the brother’s name was Nick, and the fake Nick’s name was actually Josh. Confusing, yeah? The search gets deeper when Kayla comes across an old high school photo where it’s confirmed that Nick’s not Nick, he’s Josh. Not sure why he took his brother’s name, but I’m sure we’ll find out.

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Laney and Kayla decide that they’re going to plan a break-in to Nick’s apartment. Laney will keep an eye out while Kayla goes in to see what she can find. Unfortunately, “Nick” is not as dumb as he may be acting and creepily confronts Laney out on the street. This is enough to alert him to what may be going on, and he runs back home.

Silly Kayla is not answering Laney’s calls and is unaware of the danger that is running right towards her. But she doesn’t have time to worry about that because she’s come across something way more disturbing. One of her mother’s paintings in Nick, er Josh’s closet. Uhhh, what?

Now, let’s discuss the Three Little Pigs storyline. Eddie and his girlfriend are dead. And now Eddie’s hallucinations are haunting Jordan. But this isn’t stopping Jordan from trying to find out who the third pig and he decides to kidnap Mitch’s wife, Shelley. Once again, everything goes to s**t.

Mitch asks Sam for help but it backfires when Sam ends up betraying him during their meet-up with Eddie. Not only does Sam shoot Shelley, but he also kills Mitch too! Not sure if Jordan realizes this, but his quest to seek revenge has cost so many lives, and we can’t help but wonder if it was even worth it.

Last but not least, let’s head on down to Hansel and Gretel’s storyline–aka Gabe and Hannah. Many of us were wondering who the witch would be in their story. Some guessed their mother, and some thought maybe that whole part of the story wasn’t going to happen. But in “Betrayal”, we potentially meet the “witch” of their story.

Tell Me A Story has Hannah and Gabe fighting for their lives following a car accident that Hannah caused in trying to break free. But, there’s a slight problem. The men are still alive and hunting down the siblings all of which manages to get them lost in the woods.

At some point, Hannah and Gabe are separated but Gabe finds his way into a park where he comes across an old lady. He uses her cell phone to call Hannah and give his location but passes out after he is drugged by the old lady. Who is she? We have no idea.

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Hannah makes her way to Gabe’s location but finds no one in sight, except for the big guy trying to murder her in the bathroom and find the money she took. But you see, Hannah is clever and hid the money somewhere in the woods. And instead of breadcrumbs, she’s carved symbols into the tree stumps so she can find her way back at some point.

She kills the guy and even answers his phone when the old lady comes calling. She has Gabe, but she wants the money. So like, what are you going to do Hannah?

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There’s so much I’m curious about and I’m completely invested in each storyline. More so than I was when the series started. Who is Nick/Josh? Who is this old lady that took Gabe? And what will happen to Jordan? With Tell Me A Story inching closer to its finale, I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough!

What did you think of the latest episode of Tell Me A Story? I want to know what you thought so don’t be shy, tell us in the comments below!

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