Escape at Dannemora season 1, episode 5 recap: Part 5


fWe finally get to the escape part of Escape at Dannemora–and it was everything we wanted it to be.

Escape at Dannemora has been leading up to this point all season, and we finally made it! After what seems like forever, David has finally figured out the escape route and the day has arrived. Of course, the day has arrived much sooner than anticipated, but hey, no one is complaining.

Perhaps being the best episode of the season, there is so much to discuss regarding what made this episode stand out. First off, the shot of David running down the escape route was next-level amazing. The camera, in what appears to be a continuous shot, faces him and then immediately spins back around to show the route ahead of him.

Where is David rushing off to? At the exit that will take both him and Matt outside prison walls and into the outside world. The night to escape is here, and it’s time to bid farewell to a life they’ve grown sick of. A critical part of their plan is to make sure Tilly is waiting for them at midnight to drive them away.

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But, let’s just say Tilly is having second thoughts. It starts from her morning commute with Lyle before she even knows tonight is the night. Lyle is all about making their dinner plans, but Tilly is less than interested and appears to be anxious.

The anxiety increases ten-fold when Matt tells her that the plan to escape is happening…tonight. All of a sudden, we see a side of Tilly we haven’t seen up until now.

She’s been eager to get away from her life and Lyle, but now that it’s here, she doesn’t seem too enthusiastic.

In fact, later that night while out at dinner with Lyle, she panics and does not give him the sleeping pills. Instead, she has an all-out panic attack and ends up in the hospital as the clock strikes midnight. Meanwhile, Matt and David make their way through the dark alleys and claustrophobic pipes–and make their grand escape at Dannemora.

It’s a bit interesting to note how much hesitation both Matt and Tilly have over this escape. Considering it was Matt who made the plan and David who wasn’t on board, the tables really have turned. Matt’s discomfort is even more apparent once they make their way outside. It has a lot to do with the fact that Tilly is nowhere to be found, but hey, at least David has his wits about him.

David suggests they go back inside the prison and work on Tilly some more but Matt refuses to go back. But then Matt begins going back and forth after David suggests that they make their way into the woods. He doesn’t want that either and then says maybe they should go back. Oh, Matt, you’re freaking out, aren’t ya?

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For those that know how this story ends, well, you know what’s to come. But for those of you who have no idea, you may be wondering where this is all headed. Will Tilly ever show up? Will Matt and David make it into the mountains? What, oh, what is going to happen?

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