Escape at Dannemora season 1, episode 4 recap: Part 4


The Escape at Dannemora inches closer to David and Matt’s escape–but not without a few hitches along the way.

Escape at Dannemora deserves a huge congratulations for scoring two Golden Globes nominations (one for Limited Series and the other for Patricia Arquette). Honestly, it comes as no surprise as both the series and Arquette truly deserve the nominations. After all, have you all seen Arquette’s transformation into Tilly? It’s unbelievable!

This week on Escape at Dannemora things are starting to get real as David figures out a quicker escape route. Unfortunately, he’s doing all the grunt work, while Matt just chills and screws around with Tilly. It’s a very complicated situation because Tilly has her husband Lyle and then her obsession with David. And in this week’s episode, it all comes to a head.

Remember the painting that Matt made for Tilly? But then Lyle found it and confronted Matt who in turn lied and said that Tilly had him make it for their anniversary. Well, all that goes kaput when Lyle plans a romantic anniversary dinner and Tilly bails. She’s completely over him, even referring to him as a “glitch” while talking to Matt.

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After she doesn’t show up on their anniversary, Lyle decides to confront her about the painting. He thought he’d do something nice for her because he thought she had done something nice for him.

But silly Tilly forgot everything and goofed pretty hard. If Lyle was suspicious before, he’s definitely onto her now.

Escape at Dannemora gets more interesting when it comes to Tilly’s indiscretions this week. She’s not very careful for someone who has been screwing around with two inmates.

And, of course, helping them plan an escape. She’s still using Gene to deliver “meat” to Matt, aka deliver the tools necessary to get the hell out of there.

Gene is pretty ticked off now, and onto whatever Matt and Tilly have going on. So much so, that he’s starting to treat Matt like a true inmate rather than as a friend. And while we’re talking about Matt, can we discuss how he’s not doing anything physically to help David out? David is slaving away every night, trying to break through the wall, while Matt just chills.

Sure, Matt’s the mastermind behind the plan, but still, he ought to be down there with David. Not to mention, David learns that Matt has told Tilly about their plan. He’s not sure what Matt’s trying to do, but it seems like he doesn’t have very many options. There’s also some drama between David and inmate Murder so it’s in his best interest to get the hell out of dodge before things get worse.

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While Tilly dreams of Mexico, tries on cute bathing suits, tries to get fit, and dyes her hair, she’s certainly getting herself into a bind at work. The tailor shop is doing pretty bad, and not meeting the quota is bringing some attention to her from the higher-ups. Luckily, Matt works some magic to save the day, but she’s really walking on thin ice with just about everyone.

Now that David has broken through the claustrophobic pipe, what will the escape look like? Sure, we know the real-life events, but how Escape at Dannemora will portray it, is yet to be seen.

Escape at Dannemora airs every Sunday on Showtime at 10 PM EST!