Timeless series finale recap: The Miracle of Christmas Part 1 & 2

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TIMELESS — “The Miracle of Christmas Part II” Episode 212 — Pictured: (l-r) Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston, Malcolm Barrett as Rufus Carlin, Claudia Doumit as Jiya — (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

Timeless heads to North Korea in the second part of “The Miracle of Christmas”.

Returning from California, Rufus is acclimating to life being in a different timeline. He doesn’t remember Wyatt’s decision to bring Jessica into the fold or Jiya living in Chinatown for two years. Which is why he’s so shocked to find her scarred after a mysterious altercation in Chinatown. Jiya doesn’t want to speak about it, but it’s heavily implied she had been abused by a guy. We’re still mourning the loss of Timeless because seeing Jiya try to handle living in a different time could’ve been so interesting.

Wyatt and Lucy have a heart-to-heart what with all of the bombshells they’ve had dropped on them the past couple of hours. They both wonder whether or not they’re destined to become like their future counterparts. Wyatt can’t imagine a world where the two of them aren’t just “Lucy and Wyatt” but she’s not so sure. Even though everyone assumes she’ll forgive him and the two can move forward, it isn’t that easy. Lucy needs to figure things out on her own, without knowing what the future might be.

They’re interrupted by Emma taking the Mothership to a new location: North Korea. Lucy says this date is the last day of the Hungnam Evacuation which saved thousands of lives. Wyatt’s grandfather called it “Frozen Chosin” because of how cold this battle was. Their first guess is that Rittenhouse is trying to get Wyatt out of the way by killing his grandfather. However, he had already been evacuated three days earlier so that seems unlikely. Nevertheless, the team assembles to head into North Korea.

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Quickly, they stumble upon a group of murdered soldiers. Luckily, a military pilot survived and offers them safe passage to the boats. However, earlier in this episode of Timeless, Emma had gotten the pilot under his thumb. Wyatt is able to wrestle to controls away from the pilot, which saves all of their lives. Although, we do get to see an injured Jiya easily brushing it off like it’s nothing.

In the present time, Agent Christopher and Connor Mason find a history book which shows the entire team dies on this mission. The clock is ticking, and Christopher realizes they’ll need to get the Mothership and warn their team. Although we didn’t speak about it that much in Part One of “The Christmas Miracle”, these two have an intriguing subplot. Agent Christopher wants to destroy the time machines once Rittenhouse is destroyed. However, Connor points out the science for these machines already exist. Yes, it’s dangerous but neither of them can stop the future. Instead, they should save the Lifeboat to prevent anyone else from ever meddling with time.

When everyone has recovered from the crash, Wyatt discovers the major evacuation did take place as scheduled. Rufus figures this whole trip was just meant to kill them, and as we now know, Emma succeeds. With a long cold trip back to the Lifeboat, Rufus and Lucy take the time to catch up. She explains why she hasn’t gotten back together with Wyatt: she isn’t going to be someone’s second choice. But Rufus points out Wyatt was just trying to do the right thing with Jessica. However, if Wyatt had to trade Lucy in exchange for Rufus’ life instead of Jessica’s then it’s safe to say he’d still be dead.

Stumbling upon a town, Rufus and Wyatt get to work on a nearby military vehicle while Lucy and Jiya get warm inside a church. At the car, Wyatt comes clean about their previous events, namely, Rufus promising never to forgive him because of what happened to Jiya. It seems like a part of Wyatt wants Rufus still to be mad at him because he still hasn’t forgiven himself. As for Rufus, he isn’t going to put his friend through the wringer. Considering they saved his life (even though he doesn’t remember it) and got Jiya back, the two are square.

Lucy and Jiya chat about their relationships with the latter worried she’s changed too much. A woman in prayer interrupts their conversation to warn them of communist spies in every corner. The two women pretend to be war correspondents separated from their group. While the spy does sneak out, Lucy and Jiya take the time to bond with the young woman. Turns out, she’s pregnant and waiting to be reunited with her husband and son once the evacuation is over. Knowing she’ll never get that reunion, Lucy decides they have to bring her to a boat.

Timeless has brought Lucy a long way for her to save a woman in history. In the first season, she would be too worried about messing up the timeline to do this. Now, she knows every life is special and should be saved. The group escape soldiers via car and almost make it to the port before the truck breaks down. They’re close enough to the port for escape, but the woman they’re with goes into labor. Wyatt has delivered a baby before during his time with the military so he sends Lucy and Rufus to go get help.

At the camp, they find a doctor willing to assist them. However, a bomb drops on the building where Wyatt and Jiya are leaving Lucy screaming for her friends. Luckily, Wyatt got everyone to safety including the new baby girl. With everyone safe and accounted for, the Time Team begins the trek back to the Lifeboat. However, night falls quickly and troops have already stormed the village. Taking refuge in the church from before, both couples take the time to square things away in case they die.

Jiya realizes no matter how much either her or Rufus changes, their love for each other will stay the same. Meanwhile, Lucy tells Wyatt her life without him flashed by her eyes when she thought he had died. The future, their past, everything else just feels trivial and the two decide to finally get together.

TIMELESS — “The Miracle of Christmas Part II” Episode 212 — Pictured: Sakina Jaffrey as Denise Christopher — (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

However, the troops are closing in and time is running out. Luckily, Agent Christopher was able to cut a deal to get to the Mothership. In exchange for immunity and protection for his son, Benjamin Cahill finds Emma’s Rittenhouse hideout. He smugly points out that Rittenhouse is a family business so he would never hurt his daughter. With no other choices, Emma is forced to pilot the Mothership with Agent Christopher aboard.

The two get there just in time to save the team and the day. However, Emma has one last trick up her sleeve. She gets out of her handcuffs and tries to make a run for the Mothership. She’s caught immediately, and in exchange for her freedom offers to save Amy. Lucy doesn’t trust her, but before she can even make a decision a soldier shoots Emma. It’s a disappointing end for the character but we can’t imagine her ever escaping Timeless alive.

On the new Lifeboat, Wyatt buckles Lucy seatbelt one last time. This was one of the cute recurring moments throughout the show, and it’s sweet to see it happen for a final moment. Lucy also reveals the real reason why she didn’t go back for Amy. They can’t just mess with time to save their loved ones because it always has a price. Saving Rufus meant losing Flynn, also saving Jessica meant losing Rufus. As much as she would like Amy back, she needs to move forward rather than look backwards.

Back at the bunker, the team celebrates Christmas in the most adorable way possible. Agent Christopher has made everyone their own scarf and decided to keep the Lifeboat. Rufus and Jiya have decided to move in together, Wyatt and Lucy have consummated their new relationship and everything is right with the world.

Flashing forward, Timeless gives everyone a happy ending. Jiya runs a successful company while Rufus works behind the scenes. Lucy gets tenure (finally!) as well as the cutest set of twins possible with Wyatt. The team assembles for one last mission: going back in time to give Flynn the journal. This version of Lucy tears up knowing the pain he’s suffering but promises he’ll be a hero.

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Ultimately, Timeless gives fans the ending they deserve. However, it does give the show an opportunity to return. A young girl is working on a new time machine, which means a new generation could try to mess with history. We’re confident the time team will be there to stop them and save the world if the show does return in the future.

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