Vikings season 5, episode 14 recap: The Lost Moment


On an all-new episode of Vikings, Ivar’s sacrifice is revealed, more madness erupts at Floki’s settlement, and we lose one of the few characters we have left from season one.

Ivar thinks he’s a God

Turns out that Ivar’s sacrifice is just a Lagertha look alike. It’s a pretty underwhelming twist, but at least it wasn’t Hvitserk. The brother who always seems to be lost in the shuffle is starting to get interesting, though, and for the first time, he’s starting to question why he remains at Ivar’ side.

Both brothers pay the Seer a visit. What he says to Hvitserk is confusing to both he and the audience, but he states that Hvitserk will accomplish something even his father before him could not do and that the hated must never take the place of love.

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The Seer continues to say that all is dark and he struggles to see as he tosses and turns in agony as he did last week. This darkness could be the horrible reign of Ivar and a signal of his own fate.

He tells Ivar that he is blinded (probably by Freydis and his own delusions). When he refuses to call Ivar a God, the Seer meets his end with an ax to the head.

I suppose the end of the character had to come eventually, as he’s got to be like a hundred years old. Bad move by Ivar. It would certainly help to have a prophet/ all-seeing being at your disposal. But Ivar is completely unhinged and so I’m not surprised he killed the Seer. He’s clearly capable of anything and if Hvitserk doesn’t make a move or at least close his mouth, he’ll be next.

Floki might actually be a God

Floki sees Thorunn in a powerful vision and she tells him who killed her (it was someone in Eyvind’s party–I don’t know, he seems to have a huge family). So he leads the group to her grave. This eventually leads to more tension between the already feuding families. Floki finally banishes Eyvind’s entire family, including his mourning son. Eyvind considers killing him but Floki insists that he can’t… and he doesn’t.

This storyline really can’t go anywhere besides Eyvind returning for revenge down the line. I will say that I’m tired of the family feud between Eyvind and Edge with Floki in the middle and I’m ready for the Floki storyline to tread somewhere else. That being said, does Floki have godly powers?

King Harald’s on the way to Wessex

Using teleportation-like speed that only the Littlefinger’s and Varys of Game of Thrones can achieve, Harald is almost on the lands of Wessex. We know his game: He wants power, he wants revenge on Lagertha for killing the woman he forced to marry him, and he wants to conquer lands. Harald feels cursed because he can’t find a wife, the poor guy, but one of the female Vikings in his crew seems interested in breaking that curse.

We’ll get our first battle since the shows return next week between Harald and the Englishmen.

Wessex prepares for war

Nothing too interesting happening in Wessex.

Aethelred is plotting to overthrow Alfred already, but he changes his mind after Alfred tells him how much he loves and values him. At the last second, he allows his brother to keep ruling, much to the dismay of the council. It appears that no one is really loyal to Alfred other than maybe his mother and Ubbe, who begins training him how to fight by throwing battle axes at him.

Magnus is dead-set on being a part of the Ragnarson’s and removing Alfred from power, but only Bjorn is game. Ubbe and Lagertha don’t even believe he’s Ragnar’s true son. I’m not even sure if he is or not. Magnus pouts that they won’t aid him in overthrowing the king and storms out.

There won’t be any betrayals of Alfred, Ubbe is starting to like him and he’s also a major historical figure in the English-Vikings conflict (although all historical accuracy has gone out the window a long time ago in this show).

So the war approaches and the Vikings will back Alfred against Harald (at least for now). Good–I’m thirsting for a battle.

The leftovers:

  • There wouldn’t be one person who believed Ivar’s sacrifice was the real Lagertha. I’m not surprised he has people conspiring against him, now he’s just killing people because he’s mean.
  • I’m not digging the Bishop Heahmund and Lagertha relationship. Seems forced. I also have a love/hate relationship with Heamund’s whisper talking. Is it overacting on the actors part? I don’t know, I’m just going to keep pointing it out because it’s awful.
  • Will this be the end of King Harald? I’d guess not, but it seems he might not have a place on Vikings after his guaranteed failure on this raid.
  • What makes him think he can take Wessex by the way? His men barely defeated Lagertha and that was all thanks to Rollo.
  • The Aethelred betrayal is still coming, I sense, it’s merely been delayed.
  • Bjorn shaved his head. It looks fine. Alfred got a haircut. It looks horrible.
  • I don’t think I’m alone when I say that I’m getting sick of Ivar. Yes, we’re supposed to dislike him, but man he needs some humbling. I hope Hvitserk jumps ship to Ubbe or at least puts Ivar on his ass. Wishful thinking… Ivar’s here to stay.

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