Hulu’s Catch-22 releases first look photos of Clooney, Laurie, and Chandler


Hulu releases first look photos of George Clooney’s Catch-22, featuring Clooney, Hugh Laurie, and Kyle Chandler.

Its been a while since we’ve had news of George Clooney’s adaptation of Joseph Heller’s classic satirical novel, Catch-22. After a slew of news stories reporting on the extensive and stellar casting of the ensemble dramedy, news went dark as production got underway. Now, with the miniseries set to premiere on Hulu sometime in spring, we finally have some first look images from the set with stars Clooney, Hugh Laurie, and Kyle Chandler in action and in character.

The first photos feature George Clooney as Scheisskopf, looking like he’s channeling his Cohen Brothers “knucklehead” characters. Scheisskopf is notoriously single-minded to the point of cluelessness, only really caring about winning the weekly parade.

His parading ability has lead to his promotion through the ranks but has left his wife unsatisfied and his men hating him. His German name literally translates into English as “sh*thead”. Clooney is seen in the photos berating officers Yossarian (Christopher Abbott) and Milo (Daniel David Stewart), with a stenographer working busily in the background.

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Hugh Laurie’s character Major de Coverley is an intimidating and mysterious character. His duties consist of playing horseshoes and finding apartments for the officers on leave. He is so frightening that no one dares ask his first name, hence why in the book he is referred to as Major — de Coverely. Indeed, his first look photo finds him scowling at a cowering soldier and holding a wilting flower. Whether his expression wilted the flower in question is unknown, but likely given its withering quality.

Last but not least is Kyle Chandler as Colonel Cathcart. While Chandler looks heroic and dashing in his photo, his character is anything but. Cathcart is an obnoxiously insecure man who is obsessed with becoming a General and overly concerned about maintaining his masculinity.

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He’s incredibly conceited, nightly making a list of “feathers in his cap” and “black eyes” against him, but has no confidence in himself or his own decisions. Yossarian hates him because every time he comes close to completing his quota of missions, he raises the quota.

If the first look images are anything to go by, it looks like we have a lot to look forward to this spring when the miniseries is released.

Source: CinemaBlend